SINFUL SUNDAY: I’ve often submitted photos to Molly Moore’s Sinful Sunday, but this year, I asked Mr. D to take over the planning and design for each weekend’s shot. I did this for a few reasons. First, I’m tired of my point of view behind the lens. It’s hard to take your own picture and even harder to make it look different each time, which means, my photos are all starting to look somewhat the same (at least to me). Also, I have a tendency to hide behind the lens. I know how to cover up my “flaws” and I avoid showing parts of myself that I don’t like in “unflattering” ways. The thing is, I know that those flaws are not necessarily flaws and that what I think is unflattering may not be to someone else’s eye. Obviously this website shares a certain polished version of truth, both in words and in image, but I don’t want my images to be dishonest, and I feel that by holding back those parts I don’t necessarily love, I am also stunting my own self-acceptance growth. So, here goes nothing…Mr. D, the camera is yours.

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