“30 Days of D/s”

For a concentrated selection of posts, check out my submissions for the 30 Days of D/s Challenge put on by Kayla Lords and John Brownstone.

If you’d rather just read my posts one right after the other, without returning to this archive/index, Click HERE to go to my 30 Days of D/s category page. This will just allow you to scroll from one to the next without interruption.

But, if you’d rather pick and choose, here are my posts for the 30 Days of D/s Challenge. I haven’t followed them all in order, I left a few out, and some of them I took liberty with and made them my own:

1 – April 1: 14 Qualities of a Good Dominant
2 – April 2: What Submission Means to Me
3 – April 3: What’s in a Name? (How D/s Labels Can Help Us Find Ourselves)
4 – April 4: Contracts & Negotiations in a D/s Relationship
5 – April 5: Discipline & Punishment in a D/s Relationship
6 – April 6: Conflict in a D/s Relationship
7 – April 7: Is Confidence at the Root of Good Communication?
8 – April 8: Handling Negative Emotions in My D/s Relationship
9 – April 9: What are Your Limits?
10 – April 10: Choosing a Safe Word
11 – April 11: Consent: The Difference Between Abuse and BDSM
12 – April 14: D/s Doesn’t Mean Leaving Vanilla Behind
13 – April 15: Pain
14 – April 16: It begins with an offering of submission
15 – April 17: How He Accepted My Submission
16 – April 18: When the Dom’s Away the sub Will…
17 – April 21: Rules in My D/s Relationship
18 – April 22: Real Life D/s
19 – April 24: When Sub Duties Become Irritating
20 – April 30: D/s Doesn’t Always (or Ever) Have to Be about Sex
21 – May 2: Readers’ Forum: Do you use orgasm control?
22 – May 11: Please Spank Me, Daddy…
23 – May 13: Sexual Availability
24 – May 21: 24/7 D/s (Weakness & Punishment)
25 – May 22: Rituals & Reminders to Keep the Submissive Flame Burning (w/Reader’s Forum)
26 – May 25: Trust
27 – May 28: This Is Not Subfrenzy
28 -June 2: Realization (Subspace/Subdrop/Aftercare)
29 – June 3: Dominance: More Than Meets the Eye
30 – Dec 28: I finally finished “30 Days of D/s” (and it only took 9 months!)

(Disclaimer: The opinions in these articles are simply that…opinions. These are my personal feelings on issues of D/s. It is important to note that I am and always have been in a consensual relationship, and any activities I partake of, I have done so with full consciousness and willingness. Also, on the issue of pronoun usage, I use HE/she pronouns, with the Dominant being the He and the submissive being the she. This is for ease of writing and because it is what I identify with. Pronouns are interchangeable, so feel free to fill in with those that work best for your situation. Be nice in the comments. I’m not here to be berated or argue the issues, I’m just here to explore my own feelings and opinions and share them with those that may find benefit in doing so.)

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