A girl’s gotta have a place to explore the ins and outs of her submission, right? The questions, the confusion, the concerns, the fantasies?

Well, this is my place for that. Yes, it’s public, but I’m not gonna let that stop me from being honest. My Husband also has access to what I write, but I can’t let that keep me from uncovering what is deepest in my heart, even if I think it might upset Him (after all, a submissive journal is a way for Him to find out the things He needs to know to make things work in the best way they can for both of us).

A submissive journal is all about letting your submissive freak flag fly. And that is completely what I plan to do here.

I’ve written a lot about D/s on this blog, but this will be a specific, recurring feature of This D/s Life, the part of this website that deals in particular with our D/s marriage.

To read my submissive journal posts, click HERE.

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