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What drew me first to blogging was the communal, story-based nature of the platform. I liked the idea of sharing bits and pieces of my life with others and having conversations.

Truly, I think it is just this…story…that binds us together.

I’ve lost focus on this aspect of the blog over the years in a wayward attempt to “fit in” to the sex-blogging community. I’ve spent too much time writing what I thought I should write rather than what I must write.

In an effort to compromise between all the facets this blog wants to exhibit, I’ve added Brigit’s Diary. Now, I’ve tried to do this before, and I sort of petered out…running out of things to say, worrying that no one would be interested in my boring daily life. But, honestly, it’s no longer an option. THIS is what the blog is about. Not writing THIS is like having a body with no soul.

My life is the story here.

I won’t give up writing occasional erotica (I mean…that’s fun! And it challenges my writing skills!). But it isn’t what this blog is about.

I won’t give up challenges or prompts or playing other people’s internet games, either. Because fun. Because connection.

But this is the soul of the blog. And as such, there is no question that it must exist.

THESE are my daily struggles and celebrations in marriage, with sex, my body, and my emotions.

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