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A Heavy Truth

“No one can hold you accountable now. So, you can tell me the truth. Did you kill him?”

The old woman’s skin blushed slightly in response to the question.

“I won’t tell anyone if you did,” the young woman encouraged. 

The old woman considered, blinking slowly, but opted for a singular, “No.” Her breath heavy with the weight of her approaching end, she squeezed her granddaughter’s hand, and watched the young woman’s pooling tears spill onto her cheeks.

She smiled, “I knew it.”

The old woman sighed. Sometimes lies are the greatest gift we can give to those we love.

It’s been a minute…or two. I’ve decided to inch my way back to the blog with 100 word stories, poems, and entries during the month of Novemeber. It is NANOWRIMO, after all, and even though I’m not up to writing 1000 words per day, I can at least contribute a small coin of thought to the well of creativity. Maybe it will encourage the waters to run a little more steadily. For now, just a trickle. But the sound of it is a tiny whisper of creative hope.

Join in…

The 💯 Story Challenge

You can follow the series on Medium, as well.

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