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  • I have completed 7/100 stories for the #100StoryChallenge…all of which have been very different.
  • I have posted 4 images for February Photofest.
  • I published a story in Redemption Magazine.
  • I published 14 posts as a result of the Erotic Journal Challenge, February Photofest, and the #100StoryChallenge. 3 posts per day is proving difficult (duh, I saw that coming), and yet somehow I also managed to tie a few of these in with other memes (Sinful Sunday, #SWAP, and Wicked Wednesday). However, I know I will have to continue to do a better job of “keeping things small” to maintain this sort of momentum.

The goal this month was to do just that…to do all of these projects, but in a short, sweet, manageable bites, like little Valentine hearts.

I’m going to stick with the #100StoryChallenge, February Photofest, and the EJC this month. Whatever else lines up with this may find its place in my posts, but, to keep things from getting too out of hand, I’ve got to dial it back and focus. I’m attempting also to keep these posts short.

I’m writing my EJC responses in the morning with coffee, and since I only have 30 minutes or so to do it, I’ve got to get better at being concise…succinct. I have to practice cutting myself off and saving something for later (which, actually seems to improve my motivation to write again…it’s sort of like putting a bookmark in the middle of a chapter…in fact, I might try this with my sex life, too…little bites of eroticism throughout the day to keep the fire burning — and hey, this is a great idea for an upcoming post, btw).

This can be done by creating weekly posts that cover the prompts in order, like what Marie Rebel is doing over at Rebel’s Notes (here’s an example). It can also just be short morning posts that are more like an actual journal entry (which is what I tried to do this week…but sort of petered out on).

I’ll probably try Marie’s method this week (and maybe the rest of February to save myself time and avoid overwhelming my readers with 3 posts per day!).

I’ve had a hard time keeping myself in the moment this week. I feel scattered and pulled in different directions. And when I start to feel this kind of anxious stress, it’s time to dial it back and breathe.

I feel the most free, when I have time on my hands…when I’m in no hurry and have no pressing obligations, but when that can’t be the case…because LIFE…then I have to simplify, remember my why, prioritize, clean up my schedule, and focus on what matters most.

I’m hungry for calm. For simplicity. For less on my plate. And only I have the power to make that happen.

Time is a finite resource, but it is mine to budget. This means saying yes to fewer things and no to more. Making decisions based on my values and needs and wants. So, I’ve set aside some time this morning to re-evaluate my time budget this week, ensuring the things that matter get the time they deserve, even if it can only happen in bite-sized chunks.



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