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    Sunday is a Day of Rest

    I didn’t DO much of anything today. I was tired. After a week of work and a day of being mom/taxi/waiter (in the sense that I did hours of waiting), I really just needed to sit, and read, and nap. I took a bath, I said no to homework and did minimal housework. I took a moment to breathe. And you know what? I feel better. Less like quiting. Which means I need more of this…more often. I’ve been keeping up my “What feels good?” journal. And I’m getting a more honest sense of what really makes me happy. And down time is essential. Doing less…better. Fewer priorities. More love.…

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    (Image Creator: Sami Sert | Credit: Getty Images)   “Do not mistake any of this for kindness, my dear.” He hands her a glass. “I simply want to be the one who breaks you.” Night after night, she looks up at him, takes his offering, and prays for escape. Her wide eyes mist, bare skin trembling. Naked, on her knees, ankles bound with thick deck rope, she sips the wine, hoping he’ll provide enough to dull her senses. Setting the bottle down, he turns toward the open porthole, inhaling the salt air like a man with nothing to lose. She hurls the bottle before he can even exhale. Bullseye. I’ve been off the challenge for…

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    The Erotic Blueprint

    But then, maybe that’s because I’ve already done quite a bit of reflection when it comes to my sexuality. I know I’ve still got a lot to learn, though. That’s the beauty and fun of sexuality…there’s always more to uncover and more to experience. We change as we grow older. Our partners change, too. And so the landscape is, much like the real land, always in a state of becoming. Sure there are certain recognizable features, things that return or remain steadfast. But, there is always something that has been overlooked, something new that has grown while weren’t paying attention. Why, just yesterday, I went into the yard and found…

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    Setting boundaries (for the blog) and making plans (for the EJC)

    I’ve been struggling, I’ll be honest. My motivation and energy have been low. My libido has been asleep. I’ve basically been hibernating and working on autopilot. I mean…I know that I do this, but it’s hard not to judge myself and be hard on myself…like…fucking get your head out, already…you’ve got shit to do…you’ve made commitments…you’ve got projects…and you’re failing at them…and you just keep getting stuck in this cycle. That’s how kind my inside voice is. And she’s right. I haven’t finished a book this year, even though I said I’d read at least one per month. I kind of bailed on The 💯 Story Challenge this past week.…

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    Flash Fiction Friday #24

    Prompt 24: To make a long story short… Upcoming prompts can be found on the main FFF page. Go here to read the rules (because, yes…there are just a few etiquette expectations). Then write up your story (100-500 words) and share it here (link up to other memes that may fit your writing, as well). Afterward, be sure to read the other entries and comment as the mood strikes. NOTE: It’s perfectly okay to NOT follow the prompt/challenge. If you want to go your own way with your flash fiction, just keep it at 500 words or less. If you have prompt ideas or images I can use, please send…

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    Fight Club (FPF 13)

    I took a couple of nights off this week. Things haven’t necessarily been any busier, but my creative motivation has been off. I just haven’t had the energy to blog or read or do much of anything besides come home, have a drink, and vegetate in front of a show (we’re binge-watching Ozark right now). I have a three-day weekend ahead, though, so I’m hoping to get my chi-washed and my energy back on track. I’ve got a lot of writing to do, what with the second half of February Photofest and oh… 75 more stories for The 💯 Story Challenge. (You can also find these published on my Medium…

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    The Interview (15/100)

    “I am sooooo sorry! I assumed it was a euphemism!” “No. It was not a euphemism. We’re really looking for an ‘erection engineer’. And you should have worked past the title to the description before you put your name in the running.” “I’ve already contact HR. I guess I’ll have to call them back and let them know it was my mistake, sir.” “That would probably be a good idea.” Her hand firmly gripped the base of his hard, exposed cock. She’d engineered that perfectly. But, then…she was a very, very good wife. Interview role-plays were some of his favorite.   Join in… The 💯 Story Challenge You can follow the…

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    The Da Vinci Code (FPF 12)

    I’m a big fan of Dan Brown. The first book I read by him was The Da Vinci Code, which I enjoyed so much I bought the illustrated version (because I spent quite a bit of time going down internet rabbit holes while I read the book, since I didn’t know nearly enough about the settings or the art or the history in the book). As the story moved through various places (Paris, London, Edinburgh…), I found myself looking at maps and pieces of art and looking up various people, events, and landmarks. The illustrated version does a lot of this work for the reader, so I’d definitely suggest it.…

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    Heart-shaped sentiments wrapped in plastic sit on shelves, waiting to be purchased– given in stead of unpolished words: the real gold and diamonds, hidden beneath silence in the darkness of that knowing space between us. These feelings cost nothing… cannot be found at the checkout, an afterthought among the magazines and candy bars. Love does not need a holiday. It needs every day. Every breath. Every heartbeat.  

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    Snow Falling on Cedars (FPF 11)

    It’s been a long time since I read this book, or any by Guterson, to be honest. But…I can say with assuredness, that he is one of the great contemporary writers of the Pacific Northwest, my home state of Washington, more specifically. I wrote a rather lengthy research paper on his works in college, the focal point being Snow Falling on Cedars, which is a beautiful historical novel centered around a murder case on San Piedero Island in the Strait of Juan de Fuca in the mid-1950s. A Japanese-American man is accused of killing a well-respected white fisherman, and the novel centers around the court case, as well as flashbacks…

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