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TMI Tuesday

1. Do you feel that happiness is luck or is it a practiced mindset?

I definitely believe it is a mindset. And even if it weren’t, it certainly isn’t luck. Happiness is more a state of mind in which we accept our circumstances for now (planning and working to change what we must) and ourselves and find ways of feeling good in our world. Practicing gratitude, prioritizing relationships and connecting with others, being kind, smiling, being active and healthy, sleeping well, taking care of our needs and the needs of those we love, being productive and impactful in our work and activities. These are all ways of practicing happiness.



2. If you could transport to the happiest place in the world where would you be?

Home is my happy place, actually.

In fact, we just talked about this, as we were struggling, and when things aren’t stable between us, home stops being a sanctuary and starts being a stressor. We both determined that home should always be the port in the storm. No matter what shitty circumstances are happening outside the walls of our home, this should be the place we all run to get away from it and find acceptance, support, laughter, and peace.

Most of the time, that is exactly the way it is. But strengthening our intimate connection, strengthens our marriage, which improves our home life.

Having a happy home makes the difficulties of life easier to bear.



3. In 2022, what will you do to improve your health?

Move more, hydrate more, sleep more, rest more, and have more sex.


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4. What is your money psychology?

a. Money worshipper: Those who associate money with security, but in a kind of arbitrary way. The danger is no amount of money is ever enough.

b. Money avoidance: When you tend to think of money as bad, corrupting or just something you do not deserve. This can manifest in many ways, such as, not trying to negotiate a raise at work or avoiding looking at your retirement account.

c. Money vigilance: These people seem really great with their money, but there is a lot of anxiety around actually using it. This type can be great savers but rarely treat themselves.

d. Money status: People with this mind-set see money as a way to feel good about themselves and appear a certain way to others. These folks tend to run up credit card debt, pick up tabs they cannot afford and otherwise mismanage their money — while judging others who do not have the same status symbols.

I guess I’m a mix of A and C. We budget, save, and wring our hands over money and future planning, like investments and retirement. But we have more debt than we should because of thoughtless spending in the past and a need for instant gratification…and school loans. We are working our way out of it, though.

Money causes me anxiety. And even though we make plenty and live a nice life, we still don’t have enough to make any big purchases without patiently waiting and saving for some time (home maintenance, travel, etc.). I know, first world problems.

Bonus: Do you have any goals for your blog in 2022?




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