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Snow Day!

I do love an (un)expected snow day! ❄

I get to say no to real pants & a bra and yes to my book, a nap, day sex, and blogging!

Actually, I got up at my normal time (5:30), and did my normal routine (coffee, snuggling with the cat, and journaling), since I didn’t already know school was canceled. Then we got the note for a delay, which meant I could relax and slow my roll.

But things are super icy out, so by 7, the call came out for a snow day!

It’s a spectacular day so far, too. Sunny, blue sky, with the promise of more snow later today. (Another snow day tomorrow? *crosses fingers*)

We’ve already had sex (maybe again later? *crosses fingers again*), commenting on our preference for morning/day sex over night (since we’re not worn out from the work day). And now I’m showered and fed and ready to sink into my book, blanket and cat at hand.)

Reader poll: Do you prefer sex in the morning, day, or night?

How do you spend your time on an unexpected day off?

I’ll probably manage to get some flash fiction written later today, so watch for that. But in the meantime, enjoy this photography interlude. A little #BrigitUnwrapped for you.

I’m running out of matched sets at this point. This is a pretty low-key one. No frills, no wires…just comfy cotton in signature black. More like a sports bra than anything else…and my fave hipster style undies. It’s not the sexiest thing, but hey, comfort is key for me most of the time. I’ve got plenty of sexy stuff for when that is the goal. And you’ll be seeing more of that this year than last.




  • David Mei

    Reader poll- day sex. Daylight brings out everything. Being visual I love being able to see clearly. As well as having energy and possibly, given time multiple rounds with various play in between. Too long since we had such time to play.

    In the North of SE Wisconsin it takes a lot to get a snow day.
    David Mei recently posted…Stockings – 2019 David MeiMy Profile

    • Brigit Delaney

      I agree. I like having energy and time, and morning or day sex provide that. There is also, as you mention, the benefit of doing it more than once. And I hear you on the snow day. Mainly we cancel school and shut things down here because we don’t get enough snow to make spending on equipment to manage it worth it. So, we put up with it for the few times a year we get it. Having grown up in central Alaska, I always find it amusing how quickly we shut down here. But…like I said, it is more about infrastructure than the fear of snow. Also, people here have no idea how to drive in it, and that causes all kinds of trouble for various services, as well as other drivers. Best to just stay home.

  • Mrs Fever

    I’m self employed so snow days are lost-money days for me. And between the November storms that caused all the flooding and then the week of snow and ice that caused me a lot of cancellations, I can’t say I’m a fan of those kinds of “days off.” They break my bank!

    If it’s a planned day off though — yes, THAT is a lovely treat!

    To your “when” question — I’m exhausted at night and don’t like to communicate in the morning. So mid-day sex is my preference. (Especially if I can nap afterward.) But it’s terribly impractical.

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