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Wise Words


Today’s topic is “wise words,” and I immediately thought of my daily journal entry, which I basically copy and paste to review and update every morning. Here’s the template that I use:







3 good things: (I fill this in at the end of the day.)




CDFs: (stands for “core desired feelings”)

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

1. HEALTHY…Mentally, physically, emotionally

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

2. CONNECTED with the people who matter.


“Remember your why.”

“You are totally replaceable at work. You are not replaceable at home. Always remember that, and keep things in perspective. ”

4. CONSISTENT…dependable in my actions and routines

“What we are not changing, we are choosing.” -David Richo


2022 focus: Do less, better.

Breathe. It will all be okay.
Focus. Do one thing at a time.
Prioritize. Do less, better.
Restore. You need rest to function well.
Connect. Put people first.

Hydrate, eat well, move, sleep, relax.
Read, write, reflect.
Do fun things.
Embrace vulnerability (and intimacy).
Stay curious.


#loveletter 10

We pull each other impossibly close, then slowly unravel, cycling like seasons…cold to hot and back to warm.

I cannot fix the trouble that has taken you. The work, the claws wrapped around your brain, the heavy load on your heart. And the last thing I wanted was to be an added weight.

My role is to be your sanctuary…your safe harbor in a storm. But my recurring negligence and complacency, along with your personal demons, have created the perfect storm.

I’m not sure how to find you right now. But I’ve lit the lamp in the lighthouse.


(Challenge 10 = 100 words)



I wore school-related clothes today, so rather than share my clothes, I went with an unwrapping from the shower…plus a bonus of my lingerie set for today. I also ordered a few new things, since He’s seen pretty much all of these matching sets. At least a few things should be a surprise, right? Plus I will likely throw in so other fun lingerie throughout the month, so stay tuned for that.


  • Tom

    Fresh from the shower in only a towel. My mind races as to what is underneath the towel. Eagerly I wait for the unwrapping but meanwhile my mind races back to the shower and the joys that could of taken place in there, alone with the hot water caressing your body. Only to wonder with excitement. The towel moves to reveal the most beautiful set of breasts, I can feel the damp skin and smell the cleanliness from the shower. They are calling to be nibbled. What a turn on, the matching of the lingerie shows the passion you put into your relationship. Lucky husband, the erotic ride he is about to go on. I wish I was as lucky. Silently I slip into sleep, smelling the shower from you body, tasting the cleanliness of you nipples and yet still wondering about the shower. Only to be awakened by these thoughts, hard. Thank you for day 3, sensual. Quietly, excitingly I wait for day 4.

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