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The Greatest Reward


I’m not going to say I don’t love gifts or tangible rewards. In fact, on occasion, a surprise present or flowers or something I can wear is awesome and appreciated. But more than that, I run on praise for a job well done. When I know I’ve worked hard or done something challenging or useful or expected, simply being told “thank you,” or “good job,” or “good girl.” Being acknowledged…having someone notice the things I do…it goes a long way to encouraging repeat action on my part. Not being recognized for hard work can be de-motivating. And being criticized can shut me down completely or anger me into “I’ll prove all you fuckers wrong” action. Childish, probably, but it can be (and has been) effective.

The greatest reward for me is really just being noticed and appreciated for the things that I do.



#loveletter 11

With sixth-sense vibrations under the skin, I feel you coming back to me. A deep, unexplainable essence in the blood boils up. A quickening of the pulse…a fluttering of the heart. Almost imperceptible changes, but certainly tell-tale signs of a familiar and anticipated outcome.

Yes, it is exhausting…the calm and storm, the ebb and flow. But, like yin and yang, it leads to periodic balance.

Our love is not a plateau or the flat plains of the mid-west. Nor is it gentle rolling hills and low valleys. It is the rocky coast, the divides and snowy peaks, waterfalls, and dark caves: variable, difficult, but breathtakingly beautiful in its extremes.

(Challenge 11 = 110 words)




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