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The Good Perfume


I’ve never been a fan of owning “good” dishes or glassware that I only pull out for special occasions. Even my “nice” dishes are just from Walmart. And most of the rest is hand-me-downs from my mom.

So why do I have “good” perfume, that I know He loves, that I only pull out for special occasions?

Today, I decided that’s dumb. If He likes it and it makes me feel sexy, I should be wearing it all the fucking time.

I suppose there is the theory that keeping it “special” makes it stand out. But honestly, if we get tired of it or it loses its appeal, there are thousands of other scents out there to choose from.

What’s your favorite scent? The perfume that makes you feel the sexiest? 

I love Sexual on my Husband. He loves Angel on me. I also like classic Polo on Him. And a close follow to Angel, for me at least, is Cashmere. I’m considering checking the women’s versions of Sexual, too, as they have the scent combos I prefer (amber, sandlewood, vanilla).

In addition to wearing sexy, matching lingerie every day, wearing perfume, like I might usually only do for special occasions, is a reminder that every day should feel sexy.



#loveletter 9

We’re still here, breathing into one another, against the odds, and maybe against better judgment. My heart is still full to bursting with my need and love for you, even if our love languages are continents apart. So many years to learn how to speak, and yet we still struggle with the nuances, working toward fluency.

Language, and love, is like that. Sometimes we cannot find the right words, and yet we speak, knowing much will be lost in translation. True connection, no matter how messy, is worth that loss.

(Challenge 9 = 90 words)





  • Tom

    December is an exciting month of unwrapping. Everything matches. Sexy! Thank you for taking us on this journey. Absolutely stunning. There is a very lucky man somewhere. ❤️ I share so many of your feelings as my life seems to mirror yours.

    • Brigit Delaney

      Yes, I counted it to make sure I have enough. I had no idea my collection was this big…and growing. I never used to worry about things matching, but a few years ago, I joined Adore Me, and I get a set per month. 💖

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