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Today’s #SubmissiveAdvent topic is gratitude…specifically saying thank you to someone who has helped me on my journey. So I’ve decided to give some shout outs to those from whom I have learned the most. Many of these people, I continue to learn from, through their writing/experiences.

Conquer Me – Kacie Cunningham (the first book I read on submission…and one I go back to, time and time again)



LovingBDSM’s 30 Days of D/s

Writerly readers who have stuck with me and supported me through presence and absence, creative highs and lows, and everything in between:

Marie Rebel (seriously the first one who notices when I’m gone and when I return)

May More

Posy Churchgate

Mrs. K

MPB Julie

Sweetgirl (she even knitted me two tiny creatures – a cat and mouse – who still sit on my desk at work and make me smile)


Mrs. Fever

The Barefoot Sub

Liz Black

E. L. Byrne (the person I clung to at Eroticon)

Violet Fawkes (artwork and supportive tweets!)

Molly Moore (Sinful Sunday)

Michael Knight (tech god extraordinaire)

I appreciate you all more than words can say.

And I get it that many of these people are controversial, for a number of reasons. I simply don’t care. I only care about how they have treated me and what I personally know, first-hand. If that bothers you, fuck off…sincerely. no matter on what side of the tracks you reside.

Last, but most importantly, My Husband. He’s always supported me in the venture. And I appreciate that more than He probably will ever understand. I don’t have to hide who I am from Him. I am what I am, cracks and faults and everything in between. Exposed to the utmost. More than often makes me comfortable. And yet He still loves me and wants me and needs me (current issues aside).


So, today is Friday. In our world, when D/s is a thing, that’s no-panty day. I respected that for the first time in a long time and went for crotchless panties (which are allowed). I ended up with some pretty serious chafing, and when I got home I complained about it.

He made a comment to the effect of, “well, it is Friday…” And I replied, “That’s why they are crotchless…)

He asked to talk tomorrow. We don’t talk after either of us have been drinking (hard lessons learned), and I’ve already been out with friends for after-work drinks. Not sure where that convo will lead, but I’m sure I’ll keep you all posted.

For tonight…it’s time to #UnwrapMe:

That’s all folks. I just don’t have more in me to give tonight.


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