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Submissive Triggers


It doesn’t take much for Him to trigger the submissive in me, no matter how deeply buried she is, or how resistant…because let me be honest: I am usually a very resistant sub.

I’m not going to go into the reasons why right now. That’s bot the focus of today’s consideration, which is what switches the submissive (or Dominant) on for you? 

I hesitate to use the word trigger, because we’ve given that word an entirely different and negative context, but that is really what I’m talking about. What triggers feelings of submission/Dominance? What puts us in that headspace?

While being in good physical, emotional, and mental condition is helpful, it is not necessary. In fact, sometimes when I am at my weakest and most broken, I can reach a submission in me that doesn’t otherwise exist.

But most of the time, my triggers are simple…a strong hold or grab, playing with my nipples and requiring me to put up with it, “good girl.” Further pushes can come from choking, hair pulling, bending me over to use me sexually. And still others take my initiative: taking off His boots, wearing the perfume He likes, no-panty Fridays.

What are your Dominance or submission triggers?



#loveletter 13

Let them wonder how and why we keep going, despite our trouble. Let them judge…and fade away in the dark…the same darkness that holds us when we stop reasoning and simply give into the desire.

Last night, when you wrapped your arm around me and pressed against me, no words were needed. My body loosened and prepared in response to your touch, so long withheld. When your fingers entered me, testing my readiness, I seeped around your hand. No foreplay necessary, I simply wanted you inside of me…connected.

After, even though you didn’t cum, you held me, and things felt on the edge of optimistic.

Today, my elastic stretched, I could feel you, like an amputated limb, still moving…your presence a phantom, lingering…my skin permeable.

(Challenge 13 = 130 words)




  • Tom

    Submissive, a strangling grip on my cock with a bite of the ear and strong words whispered giving me direction as your grip strengthens creating a hard red throbbing almost painful rod. Dom, scantily dressed, being waited for, on her knees, ass high.

    Wonderful sweater shot, tattoo peaking out, leaving little to the imagination. Then the exposure of the perfect pair of breasts. I dream of days/nights like this. To be met at the door, the smell of perfume, skin, the sexy her scent. The matching colors, erotic. And still I dream.

    Enjoying every word, every photo, awakening me to verbal and visual stimulation which I thought were gone. Thank you

  • Marie Rebelle

    mmm I am sure my triggers are somewhere inside, but we haven’t been D/s for so long that I might even miss some signs in myself. Maybe one day I will have the mental space again to think of my own triggers. In the meantime I just read along with yours.
    ~ Marie xox

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