New Year’s Intentions

I’m not one for resolutions, but I do love a plan, knowing full well that plans must leave room for growth and flexibility, and that plans often must be modified along the way.

My work requires a lot this type of planning. And because I spend so much time planning, I tend to prefer a plan in all areas of my life.

New Year’s provides the perfect time for plans.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

I already discussed my blogging goals/plans in a previous post. But here are my other personal plans (not that you care, but since this blog is really just my journal, this is really just a record for me…a promise to myself…a way of making my intentions public and therefore building in a bit more accountability for them).


Morning Routine:

Let the dogs out and the cat in, get coffee, snuggle with the cat while I review the day’s schedule, write in my “gratitude/intentions/3 things” journal, and publish/respond to The Erotic Journal Challenge prompt.

M-F Lunch Routine:

Kick back for a whopping 30 minutes, choke down some semblance of lunch, and catch up on my blog reading/commenting.

Exercise: 99Walks M, T, Th, Sat & yoga on Sun (Yoga with Adriene & 52 Weeks of Yoga)

Marriage: marriage talks W & Sat, remove His work boots, No-panty Friday, date nights, The Fantasy Box

School: homework on W & Sun

Reading: my goal is 2 books per month – Once Upon a Book Club and Reese’s Book Club…plus a few of my own picks to balance it out

Home: clean house Sat

Blog Goal: at leasst “2 Truths and a Lie” (2 personal narrative posts and 1 piece of fiction per week)

I’ll post to these memes as I have time and inspiration: MMM Mondays, Wicked Wednesday, Erotic Fiction Deluxe, 5 Things, #SWAP, Sinful Sunday.

Be, Do, Have

-walk 10,000 steps/achieve 20 active minutes on work days
-follow the program: 99 WALKS (next: 7 Minute Run)
-do yoga (52 weeks of yoga)
-hydrate- 64 oz water (16 a.m., 32 oz water bottle at work, 16 p.m.)
-sleep at least 7 hours (lights out before 10 on work nights)

Have energy, clarity, a sense of well-being, strength, and a body I am comfortable in.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

-put my marriage 1st: D/s, non-monogamy, seduction, dates, consistency
-prioritize family time
-call my parents every weekend
-enjoy Friday drinks w/friends
-improve online networking & connections
-plan at least one friend event and one family event each month

Have strong personal relationships and a healthy support network.

What we are not changing, we are choosing.

🏫 Be IMPACTFUL (work)
-remember your why
-put relationships first
-work face-to-face

Have a career that makes a difference in the lives of others.

You are totally replaceable at work. You are not replaceable at home. Always remember that, and keep things in perspective.

My focus: Consistency. If I choose fewer things to focus on, I can be more consistent about them. Basically, my intention is to do less, better.

My daily reminders:

Breathe. It will all be okay.
Focus. Do one thing at a time.
Prioritize. Do less, better.
Restore. You need rest to function well.
Connect. Put people first.

Hydrate, eat well, move, sleep, relax.
Read, write, reflect.
Do fun things.
Embrace vulnerability (and intimacy).
Stay curious.

Some resources for setting your own intentions:

The One Thing  (I suggest the audiobook!)

The Desire Map (This process can be a bit time-consuming, but LaPorte’s concept of Core Desired Feelings is useful and similar to the Be-Do-Have model of thinking – from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.)

2022 Wheel of Intentions (free download)




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