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My Top 10 Posts of the Year

Top 10 Most Viewed Posts of 2021

I lost a lot of readers in 2021. I’m not exactly sure why, other than my hiatus  It went right along with a big loss in Twitter followers. But, in general, the “sex-blogging” community has sort of been crumbling for a few years now. Shifting alliances have put a dent in everyone’s readership, and many of us have cut ties, simplified, re-organized, and moved on. Now, many of us are rebuilding and re-networking.

The following are in order from most popular to least. I have also listed the associated memes, just so I can see which have brought me the most views/traffic.

What is soft Dom?

28,427 views – 7 comments – March 2021

This one is both my most viewed in 2021, as well as my most viewed of all time! Interesting…

The Spoon: a tale of forgone punishment

395 views – 8 comments – March 2021

Sinful Sunday

Initiating sex (active submission)

364 views – 16 comments – May 2021

Sinful Sunday, Lingerie is for Everyone

Erotic Journal Challenge – February Celebrations!

289 views – 0 comments – February 2021

Erotic Journal Challenge prompt

Clean (photography)

266 views – 9 comments – June 2021


Rico: our new sex doll (review)

245 views – 8 comments – April 2021

In the Dark (fiction)

243 views – 8 comments – January 2021

January Jumpstart, MMM Mondays

Porn in the shower

202 views – 2 comments – February 2021

February Photo Fest, 4 Thoughts or Fiction

Flash Fiction Friday #9

193 views – 2 comments – July 2021

Is masturbation selfish?

187 views – 5 comments – July 2021

Erotic Journal Challenge prompt


Top 10 Most Commented-On Posts of 2021

Views aren’t everything. In fact, I’m more interested in interaction. When people take time to comment, it shows the content wasn’t only viewed, but it had some sort of impact.

The Sweet Spot

18 comments – March 2021

4 Thoughts or Fiction, Sinful Sunday

Some things never get old (photography)

17 comments – April 2021

Sinful Sunday

Initiating sex (active submission)

16 comments – May 2021

Sinful Sunday, Lingerie is for Everyone

The Stranger, part 9 (fiction)

15 comments – May 2021

Erotic Fiction Deluxe, Lustitude, MMM Mondays

Two truths and a lie

15 comments – March 2021

Wicked Wednesday

The Stranger (fiction)

15 comments – March 2021

The Stranger, part 2 (fiction)

14 comments – March 2021

The Stranger, part 4 (fiction)

13 comments – March 2021

A long time coming

12 comments – February 2021

Erotic Journal Challenge, Lustitude, MMM Mondays

Quick Release

12 comments – February 2021

February Photo Fest


Other Stats

Most of my readers are from the U.S., the U.K., and Canada. And the majority of my referrals come from Twitter, Wicked Wednesday, and Kinkly.

84% of my readership is new, rather than returning. And most of those readers are visiting on their mobile devices.


Learning from the data…

I could choose to see things in a negative light. For example, because most of my readership is new, it shows that readers aren’t returning as much. That could mean I’m not building a loyal readership. Also, the majority of my popular posts are those written for memes, which means people may visit, read, and comment because they feel obligated or only because they accessed my posts via other sites that they do follow. Most people who comment on my posts are other bloggers, which isn’t a bad thing, but it does begin to feel more like a writers’ group, and that can seem clique-y.

I could also choose to see the positive. My most popular post is NOT associated with a meme. It made it that far (over 28,000 views) all by its pretty little self. My other most popular posts of all time were written in response to Loving BDSM’s “30 Days of D/s” writing challenge, but they are not linked to a meme, so they also made it on their own steam. That proves I do not need meme connection to find my readers. And my readers seem to really like D/s content.

My all-time most commented on posts are Processing Emotions about Polyamory (48 comments), Charlie’s Bar (fiction – 36 comments), and Naked in the Rain (fiction – 35 comments). All three of these were connected to the now retired Masturbation Monday meme.

Of course, this is all content that I have highlighted in some way on my main page, so that likely helps gain more views for those posts. That shows me my front-page content – features, sliders, widgets – is working.

My most popular categories are fiction, personal experience, and photography…and most readers seem to come for the D/s content. When our relationship is not at peak D/s level, then, readers tend to wander away. So, there’s that, which could be problematic, considering D/s is on the back burner for us right now.

The memes that have brought me the most traffic are Masturbation Monday, Sinful Sunday, and Wicked Wednesday. Masturbation Monday is no longer operating, but both Sinful Sunday and Wicked Wednesday are. So, it seems like it would be wise to keep up with both, even though these two sex-blogging queens are on very opposite sides of the tracks, and I’ve basically been blacklisted by some sex-bloggers because I maintain a relationship with certain other bloggers. I’m so over it, though. I don’t care what anyone thinks of my blogging politics. I write what I want and link it where I choose. Either we move on or we don’t, and I’ve yet to have anyone tell me to stop linking up because of my alliances. I do, however, suspect that I was not included in Molly’s Top 100 Sex Bloggers for 2021 because of this. I was #5 on this list in 2019, I dropped to #53 in 2020, and I wasn’t even mentioned, though I do know I was nominated. I don’t think the quality of my content has gone down that much. Of course, there are hundreds of new blogs, and many are better than mine and much more consistent in the amount of content they put out, so I suppose the blogging world is just surpassing me, and I need to swallow that difficult pill and get over myself and my conspiracy theories. Not everyone gets a trophy, and that’s only fair.

Nevertheless, I continue to have a love/hate relationship with lists like this, as well as memes. Lists provide exposure, and memes provide ideas for writing. They also connect writers with each other, and they offer collections of similar content to readers. They can also feel like an obligation, and it can sometimes feel like that is the only way to get readers and comments. It’s frustrating to work hard on content and never make it anywhere in the blogosphere. Seriously, I’m 10 years in, and I don’t feel I’ve ever truly “made it” as a blogger. I’ve worked hard, but over time, I have given up on advertising, burnt myself out on reviews, and worn myself out trying to keep up with a blogging calendar.

Building readership takes a lot of work. And readers are fickle. There is SO MUCH content available on the internet these days. I’ve found, from my stats, that people come to my site for a variety of content. When I rely too much on one category, my readership goes down. When I stop writing for a while (which I tend to do from August to November), my readership loses interest and meanders away. Go figure…readers appreciate consistency and “something new,” and I’m not always great at providing that.

If I were to use the stats to guide my content, I’d stick with D/s as a theme and focus on fiction, personal experience, and photography. I’d focus on two memes: Sinful Sunday and Wicked Wednesday. And I’d write more consistently and do a better job of networking via Twitter and commenting on other writers’ blogs. 

I’ll be doing most of that, as well as a few other things this coming year. My next post will cover my 2022 blog plans, so I’ll stop there for now.


Happy 500th Birthday, Wicked Wednesday!



  • Mrs Fever

    I think I lost readers in 2021. Like, I know there are people who used to ‘Like’ and comment who stopped doing that. So I assume I’ve lost folks. And my total viewership is WAY down. Like, in 2020 my views took a hit but I figured that was largely down to COVID. Also, I stopped participating — or at least significantly pulled back my participation — in most memes. But 2021 saw views take an even steeper nosedive. I’m not sure why. I’ve had more comments this year than last year though, so the people who are “stopping by” are staying to chat. Which is a Good Thing.

    About your beginning-of-the-school-year slow-down:

    Have you considered writing ahead? I write ahead for the April A-Z, because I know I would burn myself out if I didn’t. Granted, that’s a project so it might be a little different. But the same concept could easily apply for your September/October funk. Post-dating posts so they are “ready” — even just two or three per month — might be a way to help readers over that ‘hump’. If you need a project or a theme to write around, you could always create one. Or feel free to make them musically inspired — I will be doing my September Song Project again. 🙂

    (That was just me thinking aloud, not trying to give unsolicited advice.)

    Congrats on your super-viewed post. (I don’t think my most-viewed post has hit that number, and it was published in 2012!) And also on your milestone: 10 years is a long time to be a blogger!

    • Brigit Delaney

      That is a great idea, Feve. And the song project might be just what I need for September. Challenges always seem to help.

      And I agree that Covid may also be to blame.

      I don’t know what is up with that super-viewed post. It must have got picked up somewhere or linked some place where it gets a high number of clicks. My top 5 posts of all time have similar numbers…but they are all D/s content with eye-catching titles, so that may be the draw.

  • Marie Rebelle

    I too have lost a lot of readers on my blog in 2020 due to the split, and in 2021 my readership didn’t really grow either (although my overall views are higher than 2019). I care about every reader that comes to my blog and take a moment to read. I value each of them giving me a portion of their time. But, I also think that it’s not only the crumbling of the community that has my numbers lower. I think Covid has a lot to do with it too. We have to adjust to so much, one moment working from home, the next moment not. One moment being able to go to restaurants, the next moment not. Our routines are all f***ed up that reading blogs in your spare time might be the last people think about.

    I think it’s good to self-reflect and good to look at the stats, but to also always remember we are doing this blogging thing for ourselves. At least I know I am. And you know what, through it I have gotten to know wonderful people like you!
    ~ Marie xox

    • Missy

      I just wrote a long comment on your next post and it was gobbled up into the ether. That happens sometimes so I hope you don’t think I am not still stopping by, although I have not been active this past while.
      I am impressed by the amount you are still committing to and smiled at the fact you said you were scaling back lol. I get what you say about memes and stopped my TMA really due to lack of participation. I think there are just too many around and they have to be pretty general to work so that people can double up. I tend to like the ones with an actual prompt to inspire me at times. I am not on Instagram and lost love of Twitter after the bullying so hope to catch your EJC via your blog. Social media and me no longer mix and so I am generally doing more of what I want for me. That seems to work better.
      Your lack of inclusion on Molly’s list only proves how pointless it is and I hope that you don’t care about it. Your stats speak for themselves and clearly people are visiting your blog because they find your content and are interested in it.
      I wish you all the best for the coming blogging year. Love missy xx

      • Brigit Delaney

        My blogging friends always know what to say and when to say it. There is small and select group of writers that I truly consider my writers’s circle, and you are surely one.

        I laugh at the idea of scaling back, as well. I may have, yet again, bitten off more than I can chew. We’ll see. I’ll have to continue to reign myself in and keep my expectations of myself lower.

    • Brigit Delaney

      My favorite blogs are always those that offer honest, down to earth content. The ones where I feel I am actually getting to know the writer. I have whittled down my blog reading list for this coming year, so I can do a better job of keeping up.

  • May More

    ” I write what I want and link it where I choose” – bloody right – and long may it continue. Happy new year Brigit – looking forward to your 2022 stories
    May x

  • Posy Churchgate

    These are great stats, particularly that stellar D/s one Brigit. Marie & Missy are right in what they say about readership having other priorities, and Mrs Fever offes a great solution in ‘writing ahead’.

    I think you’ve identified the answer Brigit, write what you like, share it where you choose to without trying to ‘court’ readers by sharing what you don’t feel. Blogging should be your hobby, your therapy, your joy. Do it for you. Consistency helps as does a bit of social media ‘self publicity’ but honestly I don’t reccomend jumping through hoops. You’re a great writer whose posts I always enjoy – your voice deserves to be heard whenever you want to share.

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