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My Album/Artist of the Year


I listen to music all the time, but I rarely attach to a particular artist enough to buy an album anymore. I think that has a lot to do with streaming services like Spotify that allow me instant access to pretty much anything I want.

I only downloaded two whole albums this year: Chris Stapleton and Luke Coombs

So if I were handing out awards, my album and artist of the year would be Chris Stapleton (From a Room), and my runner up would be Luke Combs (What You See is What You Get).

My favorite songs?

Chris Stapleton: Millionaire, Tennessee Whiskey

Luke Combs: Forever After All

Yeah, it’s been a year of mainly country music for me, and I was especially drawn to the old school, bluesy sounds of Stapleton. It’s that kind of music that reaches me deep in my core and wrenches emotion from me, even when I’m doing something boring like driving or laundry. I find myself turning up the radio every time one of his songs come on. It’s soothing, and soulful…the kind of music that makes me close my eyes and just feel it, swaying and smiling like I’m floating in warm honey. Stapleton’s voice stands out from the crowd of new country artists, so many of whom sound the same. And his style is reminiscent of country days gone by, more traditional. It’s not trying to be both country and pop. Maybe country and blues…but to me, those fit together so much better.

#loveletter 12

Things blow up from time to time, like last night. Tears come, you walk out into the cold night, and we sleep fitfully, miles from one another.

At times like this, weaker connections would be severed. Lovers would pack it in and call it quits. But we do not.

We hold our breath. Silently walking past each other, remaining near until we can talk about it.

We surface, inhaling desperately and beyond thought. Logic tries to convince us to separate.  But we have been beyond logic since the beginning. The kind of love songs are written about. The kind that most will never understand.

Let them shake their heads.

(Challenge 12 = 120 words)









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