Brigit: Unwrapped – Orange is the Happiest Color


I’ve been working on diversifying the colors in my lingerie drawer. It’s not hard to do with my matched sets, but I do notice that the majority of “sexy” lingerie is sold in black, white, red, and purple, with a bit of pink and blue thrown in to mix it up from time to time. Maybe this is because guys tend to prefer black and red? I’m not sure. I’m sure someone has done the product analysis, and that has determined the colors that are more often purchased by stores.

But, I get tired of the same old same old, So when I see things in prints, or in orange, green, or yellow, I have started to pounce. This orange set is a case in point. And I currently have yellow on my wish list, since I have never owned lingerie in that color. I’m not sure what I think of it with my skin tone. I suspect it would look much better on dark skin, but I’ll probably give it a go anyway. This is kind of a peachy orange. It’s brighter in person, and the edit mutes it a bit, too. But, it is definitely orange.

I tend to go for unlined pieces. I don’t like padding, because it feels bulky and never sits right under my clothes. This is lightly lined, but so lightly you can actually still see the outline and bumps of my areola and the faint impression of my nipples. It’s a comfortable bra, but the undies are silky and quite possible a bit large, so they tend to slip down constantly, which is annoying.

I own this same style in black.




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