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2022 Blog Plans, Projects, and Features

I’m keeping my goals for 2022 smaller, or at least more organized, than normal. I have a tendency to plan too big and then fail quickly to keep up with my oversized ideas. I’m a busy girl, with work, school, parenting, wife-ing, and I’ve made myself a goal to read at least 2 books per month and keep up with exercise, too. So, I have to keep myself in check here at I do need a pretty clear schedule, though, to keep myself CONSISTENT, which is a goal both here and in my relationship. So, here’s what I’m committing to:

Flash Fiction

I’ve been getting back into the fiction writing habit, and flash fiction is both quick and challenging for me. So, I’ll be continuing with Flash Fiction Friday in 2022. We are currently on #16, and the first challenge of the year will be posted on Friday, January 3rd.  Prompts will always be posted Friday mornings, and link-ups will run until the following Thursday at 11:59 pm. Hints for the weekly topics can be found on the FFF main page. I was going to turn this into its own website, but I don’t want the complication of running an entirely new site, so, for now, I’m keeping it here. Maybe someday, it will become its own thing.

I also plan to submit some darker flash fiction for Redemption Magazine’s Transgressive Thursdays. And I may get around to submitting something for Tantalizing Tales’ Micro Mondays.

Join me for Flash Fiction Fridays!

Other Fiction

There a million places I could publish, but I’m keeping it small for now. I’ll continue to post longer pieces of erotic fiction for Tantalizing Tales. Some of these will be revised pieces from my earlier writing, and others will be new. But, like my work for Redemption Magazine, this work will only be accessible via Medium.

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Erotic Bedtime Stories

I’ve neglected my podcast. So, it is my intention to stick to a more regular posting schedule for Erotic Bedtime Stories. Stay tuned each Saturday for something new in my audio archive!

Check out the Erotic Bedtime Stories Podcast!


The Erotic Journal Challenge

After analyzing my site data, I can see that the EJC was loved enough that it deserves a place in the world. So, it’s back…but totally re-imagined and on Instagram! This will be a daily prompt, though I may publish several at a time or post them as a weekly collection of ideas, based on my schedule. My goal is to create an archive of 365 erotic journal prompts, including quotes, questions, photos, videos, etc. I’m not planning to have a weekly or monthly link-up, but to give people the opportunity to share what they write, I am offering one place for you to link-up your EJC posts by category or tag. If you want to be a part of this project, join anytime and keep up with it in any capacity. Write every day, every week, on occasion, once or twice…it doesn’t matter! Though to have a truly CONSISTENT journaling practice, experts say we should be writing EVERY DAY.

For more information on the EJC and to link-up, visit the main EJC page. The link-up will open on Dec. 31st 2021 and remain open until Dec. 31st 2022. Since it is a personal journaling project, I don’t expect too many people to link-up. But, I wanted to provide a place for those who wanted to share.

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Brigit: Unwrapped – a Photography Challenge

I missed a few days of #UnwrapMe this month, and I’m not totally out of matched sets (geez, I have a lot more than I thought!), so…I’m just gonna keep going with this! I also know I need some photography elements on the site to make my visual fans coming back for more and to make my little exhibitionist heart happy (self-photography is actually quite good for my self-esteem). I’ll likely re-brand the project as “Brigit: Unwrapped.”

I’ve done other people’s photo memes in the past, and I’ve gotten a lot traffic from them. I may continue to share these images via those memes, but this is a personal project. The intention is to challenge myself to continue wearing sexy lingerie on a more regular basis, for myself AND for Mr. D. Because of my crazy work/school schedule, this will likely be published on Saturdays or Sundays.




I still plan to support those who have and continue to support me, so I’m down to MMM Mondays, Erotic Fiction Deluxe, Wicked Wednesday, and the new memes 5 Things and SWAP. I’m letting go of those memes run by writers who have not supported my work or who are simply too big now to be bothered with a little blog like mine. I just don’t have the energy or desire to continue trying to make my mark where it isn’t really welcome.




So, there you have it…my plans for 2022. I also always have a theme word for the year. Last year, it was Vulnerability, as this was a skill I was working on. And Fantasy was the focus for the year, as we were investigating our fantasies and trying to figure out the best ways for each of us to explore our very different brands of it. This year, I’m taking things down a notch, and my word is Consistency, with Compromise as the focus for the year.

I’ve updated my site to reflect all of this year’s changes, to make it easier to navigate and to highlight the best ways to stay in contact with me and to join in with my challenges. I re-evaluated my WHY for blogging, and since it always comes down to CONNECTION, I wanted the site to encourage that. I blog as hobby. It’s a way for me to explore both my creativity and my sexuality. The benefit of this is connecting with others who are doing the same thing. And the bonus is possibly providing entertainment, encouragement, and/or food for thought through my experiences.

I do not blog to make money. I am not here to lead a crusade. I’m not trying to change the world. I’m just writing my way to good, one day at a time.


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