We spend a lot of time waiting for each other.

In the Fall, my focus shifts, and He waits for me. At first, patiently. But then, it often grows into anxiety, and impatience, disappointment, and then depression.

By mid-November, when I’m coming back to land, I find that I am now waiting for Him.

In my own view, I have a dozen draws on my attention. I’m a wife. I’m a mother. And in my work, I serve dozens of people…even hundreds at times. I have friends to hang out with on Friday nights. I have parents. I both gain and lose energy from each of these sources. And I am satisfied with them.

He has a job He hates, most of His friends live elsewhere, and He has a rotten schedule that keeps Him from spending time with virtually anyone. He is basically isolated.

Because of this, I am the focus of His need. And at a time when I do not have as much of me to give, this is a recipe for intimate disaster.

However, we continue to work through it. He now has a counselor, which is good. And I’m past the roughest months of my year. Just 7 months until I’m done with my certification/degree. And He’s ever on the hunt for a more fulfilling job that doesn’t force Him to do night shift.

Seasons change.

Speaking of changing…here is tonight’s unwrapping:


  • Tom

    Thank you for “opening” yourself in this in-wrapping.
    Each photo gorgeous and stunning. The black and white sets the mood. Seasons do change and change is good. I wish you both much love through your changes. Looking forward to what other exciting gifts might be unwrapped. ❤️

    • Brigit Delaney

      Hey thanks, Tom. Change CAN be good, even when it is forced or uncomfortable. It keeps us from becoming complacent. I’m not great at change, so I tend to resist, when I should probably just lean in.

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