I got THE cutest set from adoreme.com this month. And I had planned to work in a photo session before Halloween, because…hello! This is soooo in season, thematically. BUT, things have just not been quite ON recently.

Mr. D started working nights at the beginning of September, and I went back to work full time, started my internship, and went back to school.

It’s meant more on my plate at home and as a parent, as well. I taxi my son from sport to sport pretty much every week night.

I finally put my foot down on Fridays, so I’d have a chance to get drinks with friends.

But my marriage is suffering.

Mr. D is thoroughly displeased with his job and is looking for something else, but in the meantime, we sleep in the same bed together 2 nights per week, and he’s exhausted even when he’s awake.

The lack of sleep and disappointment with his employment is hard on him.

And the added responsibilities are hard on me.

The separation is hard on all of us.

And it’s having a deep impact on our connection.

Add to this the darkening of the season, and it’s a recipe for depression.

We’ll find our feet.

And I’ve found my way back here.

This month, for #EROBLOPOMO, I’m working on a #loveletter to Mr. D. For anyone who’s ever written a love letter, hopefully you’ll enjoy the multi-tiered challenge I’ve set for myself. The letter will be written in 30 parts. The first part is 10 words, and each part after will be 10 words longer than the previous part, meaning the final part will be 300 words.

As with most love letters, metaphor will be the backbone, allowing me to show feelings through representation and comparison. But, ultimately the letter, while deeply personal, should also be accessible to a wider audience. And if it, or pieces of it, speak to you or yours, feel free to use them as a foundation or model.

I suspect the art of writing love letters is a dying one, given technology and…well, in my opinion, a gradual death of culture and connection in trade for quick information and even quicker hook-ups. Romance is possibly less prevalent than it once was, as poetry is, I worry, less often read, and nature less often visited.

My heart leans toward poetry over prose, and I’ve intended that each part of this letter be able to stand alone. But read collectively, the message should be that much greater.

We’ll see.

Oh…and here are a few images of the new set…a bit later than intended. Better that than not at all, I suppose.


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