#EROBLOPOMO2021 Theme: #loveletter

    #EROBLOPOMO begins tomorrow. So today is theme announcement day! I’m giving myself a building challenge this year – to write a love letter in 30 parts. I’ll start with 10 words on day one, then 20 on day two, 30 on day three… This is not only intended as baby steps to get me back into the writing game, but also as a challenge to pack every perfect word into each tiny, daily package. Sometimes, writing less is more, and it can definitely be more challenging. On the 1st of December, I’ll post the letter in it’s entirety. Tune in tomorrow for the first #loveletter post.

  • Flash Fiction Friday

    Flash Fiction Friday #10

    It’s been awhile, but I’m ready to get back to business. I’ve simplified a lot of things, and I’ve let go of many projects, but FFF is not one of them. So, without further ado, let’s get back to the challenges! Prompt 1o: The Moon Extra challenge: Use the moon as a metaphor or simile in your writing. Go here to read the rules (because, yes…there are etiquette expectations). Then write up your story and share it here. Afterward, be sure to read the other entries and comment as the mood strikes. NOTE: It’s perfectly okay to NOT follow the prompt/challenge. If you want to go your own way with…

  • Flash Fiction Friday,  microfiction


    The impossibly pale skin of her dimpled backside glowed blue-gray beneath the soft night light entering the bedroom window. It looked, for all the world, like the moon itself: irregularly-shaped pools of shadow swirling across its wide canvas. He lost himself in the colorless view, his fingers dancing across her cool skin. Imagining his fingers to be legs, their little feet leaving prints across the vast expanse of her cold dessert landscape, he visualized this tiny pioneer placing a flag at the rounded crest of her hip, claiming her fleshy territory for the country of his soul. She stirred minutely beneath his touch, her movements creating a subtle breeze. A…

  • Experience,  Fiction,  microfiction

    The Fall

    Summer spun Autumn across the soggy lawn, dipping her dramatically, then carefully dropping her in a pile of recently raked leaves. She giggled as they crunched beneath her weight. Her shirt had come untucked in the playful scuffle, her midriff now bare, allowing the brittle kiss of nature to touch the strip of creamy skin. Her auburn hair, liquid silk against the swirling jumble of colors, ochre, rust, and avocado, created a stunning backdrop…a mental postcard baring the message, all good things come to an end. Summer smiled down at her, his white teeth made more brilliant by the tan of his skin and the blush of his lips. But…


    #EROBLOPOMO 2021

    It’s that time again! Every year, NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) hangs over my head, making me, as a writer, feel like a bit of an unmotivated heel. So…last year, I came up with #EROBLOPOMO. (Yes, there is already a NABLOPOMO, but as a sex blogger, I always feel a bit uncomfortable coming to these vanilla writing parties. It’s like showing up in lingerie when everyone else is dressed in Puritan standard.) Since this is only the 2nd year, things are still just getting started. But, if you’d like to challenge yourself to writing a bit more in November, feel welcome and encouraged to join me.   Head over to…

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