Saturday (a wrap-up of sorts)

It’s been a busy week, and I’ve had little time (or more honestly, energy or mental clarity) to devote to blogging. So, I’m going to do a quick meme-tackle here:

If you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30-year old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you choose, and why?

I’d say body. I’m assuming that my mind wouldn’t simply stop working for those final 60 years, so I could live with a bit of natural mental decline. That doesn’t worry me so much as my body giving out on me.

Explore your early memories of sexual experience & their impact on the sexual being you have become.

When did you discover your body? What was your first experience with masturbation? First arousal? When did you learn about menstruation? Did that information prepare you for the actual experience? What was your first sexual experience like, and what emotions are attached to it? When was your first orgasm/ejaculation? What impact, if any, do you believe these first experiences have had on your adult sexual preferences and feelings? Go back as early as you feel comfortable, or consider a more recent sexual awakening.

I’m fairly certain I “discovered” myself very young. I can remember stimulating myself sexually as early as eight or nine and fantasizing as young as ten. My first bisexual experience was around that time, as well, not so much because I was attracted to her, but because being with a girl-friend to experiment was easier and felt safe and natural. This is also about the time that I began having clitoral orgasms. It took awhile to work my way up to vaginal orgasms, but once puberty hit, and sexual desire began to grow, it was much easier to do both, and the craving to have something inside of me, led me to learn more about what worked for internal masturbation.

My first sexual experiences were fairly one-sided, young boys seeking pleasure with little regard for mine. But by high school, the boys were beginning to figure out that more came to them if they gave, as well. While oral sex wasn’t high on their list, and vaginal sex still wasn’t as productive for me as it was for them, they were much more open to learning how to give better hand-jobs.

I didn’t have an orgasm with a boy until college…and my first was done by hand. Orgasm through oral sex didn’t happen until my Husband. I was always too insecure to relax enough to provide guidance or really let myself just feel things. Orgasm through vaginal sex? Not until my Husband, either. Anal sex? You guessed it…my Husband.

The majority of my sexual discovery really has happened in the past 15 years.

The first third of my life was about discovering I had the ability to feel sexual pleasure. The middle third was about learning to give it, and honing my own ability to provide it for myself. And this last third has been about learning to receive it.

Now I’m moving in to the next phase, which is all about sexual freedom and exploration. Fantasies, expanding boundaries, and redefining what it means to be “us.”


It’s been awhile since I’ve felt the sexual spark. Almost two weeks, in fact. But, yesterday, I got home from work and texted Mr. D: I’m naked and waiting.

I got in to bed, tried my best to masturbate myself to orgasm. But, it didn’t work. I worried briefly that I wouldn’t be able to get off at all. But, I dozed for an hour, waiting for Mr. D to get home.

We’ve both been under work-related stress lately, and I wasn’t positive He’d come home in a mood conducive to my sexual hopes. But He came home, kissed me hello, went in to the bathroom, took off His uniform, and came out naked.

Good sign.

There was little in the way of foreplay. Some kissing, some fingers in sensitive places to make sure lubrication wouldn’t be an issue, and the His cock in my cunt. A + B equaled a wet and messy good time. I squirted (or should I say I fucking gushed) so much I had to sleep on two towels.

Our poor mattress.


While washing our sheets and watching TV, I searched online for a waterproof blanket. I found THE single best review for a a product on Amazon.

Seriously, it was the first product I clicked on and the first review in the list. And after reading it?


I mean…there’s the review below it, too…that says it doesn’t work all. But, hey, I’m willing to take Alonso’s word for it and give it a try. His wife and I are quite obviously soul sisters.

In other news…

I’ve been slowly updating a few things on the site. You can now easily access my most current Medium content and my latest audio stories from the podcast. I’ve also very quietly deleted a few pieces of struggling content so I can focus my energy on the stuff that is working.

Going into summer, I’ll be putting my energy toward Flash Fiction Friday, The Erotic Journal Challenge, my Medium fiction content, and my podcast.

I may or may not continue Tell Me Something True. It’s not getting a lot of play. Maybe I’ll ride out the 36 questions. Maybe I won’t. I’m still on the fence about this one.

Some current content you may have missed…

The Bridge

The Spoon (a tale of forgone punishment)

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  • Mark

    It was great that Mr. D responded to your message and was able to come home early and with the right attitude. Everything further turned out well, too, since you had to lie on two towels.
    As for the site, it is very nicely designed and I can see that it is constantly changing and improving. It’s nice that you are not indifferent to how your readers perceive it.

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