#boobday is a good day

It’s been a long week. Which is saying something, since it was a 4-day work week.

But, we’re winding down for summer break, which means kids are winding up. Their energy (and anxiety) spikes as our energy (and patience) decreases.

Plus, I’ve taken a new position, which means packing up my room and figuring out how to fit myself into an office.

It’s a lot of change at once…and I’ve never been good at change.

But, it’s Friday…and I’ve done as much as I’m willing to do today.

Time to shift head spaces from work to home. And since this is our one night a week without a kid at home, we’ve gotta take advantage (even if it is still a work night for Him).

He’s been stressed lately, too. For a whole different set of work-related reasons.

Honestly, it’d be great if we could manage a vacation right now, but since we can’t, we’ll just have to enjoy a night of not cooking or cleaning and focus on reconnecting.

We’ve both been a bit off recently.

The estrogen I’ve been taking finally set me on a cycle again, so even though I don’t have periods, I still managed to have a good bout of PMS, and my libido took a good hit. And His work stress has turned His mood pretty black.

We’ll be okay. We all have these seasons.

We just need to get naked and leave shit behind for a few hours.


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