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Keep the fame

This week’s Tell Me Something True prompt was “Would you want to be famous?”

My response? Honestly…I’d like to be known but not famous. Fame, to me, carries the connotation of lack of privacy, and constant expectation to be a certain way or do a certain thing for a fan-base. I want none of that.

I like being able to anonymously go about my day in public. I like being able to stay at home whenever I want, with no expectation to be somewhere or do something.

But being known? I do like the idea of having my writing known.

If I were going to be famous, I’d prefer to be famous for that. I think I could manage a book tour, but, being an introvert, the requirements for socializing would exhaust me. But at least as a writer, people would recognize my books, and my name (or pen name) rather than me, physically. I like being able to hide behind my pen name and this screen. But I do wish I could show my face here. That level of anonymity is sometimes frustrating. And much like fame, it’s other people’s expectations that force me into the hiding.

How about you? Would you like to be famous?


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