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Have you checked out my projects?

Most of what I do on this site is ultimately for my own pleasure. It’s a big bonus if I catch a few readers, and an even bigger bonus if they comment or play along. But, I do keep track of what features get the most attention, and it can affect what I keep and what I don’t. It can also sway what I choose to write about and the topics I lean toward.

Currently, if you’re not already playing, my meme projects are noted at the top of the page: The Erotic Journal Challenge (my longest running), Tell Me Something True (new this year, and not getting a ton of play, but I’m willing to keep it up awhile longer to see if it takes hold – some of us are late bloomers, after all, and I’d hate to kill it when it has possibility to grow), and the newly revived Flash Fiction Friday (I have big hopes for this one).

I’ve also been publishing some on Medium and uploading stories to my podcast. If you aren’t already following me there, you might want to check it out.

Here’s my latest podcast:


And here’s my latest post on Medium: “Under Surveillance”

A few of the things I started this year have petered out a bit, and I’ve let them die a quiet death, and a few others are beginning to drag for me (don’t be surprised if you notice some of my “projects” disappearing or being replaced). I don’t have a lot of time for social media, and I tend to forget projects that require my interaction there. So, I’ve shut down my facebook page, instagram page, and #submission365 twitter page.

I’m always reflecting on what works for both me and an audience.

The book club is getting very little interaction, so it’s currently on the chopping block. I’m not doing a great job of promoting it, and when I have a chance to write, it’s just not a big draw for me, sort of like sex toy reviews. I’ll do them from time to time, but they aren’t really my thing, and they tend to feel like work rather than fun. So, I’ll ride out the month with it, in fairness to my current book selection, and then I’ll retire it, so I can put my finite creative energy toward other things.

I’m continually refreshing things around here. I don’t like to let things get stale, to I’m always updating images, headers, colors, features, etc. to give readers something new to interact with each time they visit.

I hope you enjoy the content I share. If so, send me a little love with a comment here and there, so I know you are with me. It’s rather motivating for me to hear from readers.



  • missy

    Hi Brigit. I am with you in more ways than one lol. I hear you about the projects and feel the same about some of my own. I think there are so many different ones out there that people just don’t get the time. I haven’t been around as much due to work etc but I am still here. Missy x

    • Brigit Delaney

      True. We’re a but meme-saturated in the sexblogosphere. But, it does seem like certain ones rise to the top and eke out a home. I’ve not been as good about doing them as I could be, but I try to drop by the ones that matter to me most at least every few weeks or so, when the topics work with what I’m already writing or when I need an idea and can’t come up with one of my own.

  • Marie Rebelle

    I wondered if we are all just a bit ‘meme-tired’ but then when I look around, I see that people do still participate in memes, so I think I am wrong. In the past weeks I have decided to be gentler to myself, which means I combine more memes, and if I don’t feel a spark of inspiration when I see a prompt, I don’t participate in it. It’s working for me… for now. Oh and as for colors, recently I wondered if I should look for a different theme for my blog… still pondering the idea.
    ~ Marie xox

    • Brigit Delaney

      I love designing blogs, but I can get lost in the look and feel of it and forget to write. I tried to update a theme a while back and realized I was in over my head.

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