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4 more to go! The A-Z Challenge is just about under my belt! (Sadly…in my website update this morning, I lost my last post for the “viator” form…I’m not about to go back and re-write it, though – just rest assured that I DID write it…and I’m keeping credit for it, dammit).

The waka is a Japanese 5-line poem (or stanza) that is often considered synonymous with the tanka, because both have a 5-7-5-7-7 syllable per line structure. However, the waka groups its lines together in a particular way. The first 2 lines should make up one piece, the next 2 lines should make the next, and then, the final line can stand on its own–or as part of the second group.

It’s possible to end stop after line 2, 4, and 5. But other forms of punctuation can do the trick as well.

At First Sight

Your eyes, navy in
dark bar light, arrested me;
they saw through my walls–
stripped me down to the bare truth.
In one glance, I became yours.

It might sound super sappy, but that’s honestly how it went down. Even though we’d emailed, chatted, and spoken on the phone for hours before our first meeting, it was that first direct eye contact that sealed the deal for me…one of those knee-weakening, butterflies-in-the-stomach moments that people talk about, but none of us are really sure we should believe exist…until they happen to us.

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  • Windy

    Wonderful and not sappy. Glad it happened for you like this.

    Only 3 more letters! I can’t wait to be done. I might skip from the blogging the whole month of May ! lmao
    Windy recently posted…XOXOMy Profile

  • Mrs Fever

    Weird that one post would just disappear.

    I saw your viator — good lord, autocorrect just tried to change that to “cost of” — STOP twisting my words, autocorrect!!! — so I can vouch for its previous existence. 🙂

    It makes a huge difference to me – to my enjoyment of this crazy alphabetical exercise – to write ahead. Like seriously, I start writing in January. Because OMG, I feel ya. It’s a challenge!

    You’re… Almost… THERE…


    XYZ — You can do it! 🙂
    Mrs Fever recently posted…X-roadsMy Profile

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