The Stranger (part 8)

This is an interactive story. I’ll be writing short bits and then asking for input from readers about where it should go next.

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There was a large empty cage in one corner of the room, the door open wide. It was bell-shaped like a classic birdcage, and there appeared to be a rope connecting it to the ceiling. Was it meant to be raised? There were various pieces of leather-covered “furniture,” as well as dozens of implements hanging from hooks: belts, paddles, floggers, etc. On one wall, there was even what appeared to be a St. Andrew’s Cross.

Emily’s mouth dropped open as she gazed into the shadows, her eyes adjusting, leaving the contents of those secret corners exposed.

After seeing Virgil, it made sense that he’d be into this stuff, but Charles had brought her into this room. Did he have expectations? Was he trying to send a message? Or was this just a convenient space away from the crowd?

Before she could wonder beyond these initial questions, Charles entered the room, set down two glasses on a nearby table, and closed the door behind him, locking it to keep any wayward guests from imposing. He picked the drinks back up and made his way back to the couch, reclaiming his spot next to Emily. Handing her a glass of something she could hear faintly fizzing, he began to stir a toothpick stabbed through two green olives in his own glass.

“What is it?” Emily inquired.

“A bastardized mimosa, I think…but I made it myself, so you’re safe. Nothing’s been put in besides what should have been…no drugs, I mean…though that seems to be the name of the game here tonight, so be careful.”

“Do you normally attend your brother’s parties?” Emily sipped the drink, and found it refreshingly sweet, the bubbles tickling the inside of her nose.

“No,” the answer was quick and flat. “I try not to mix much with him at all, but recently, I’ve found myself wrapped up in his doings far more than I’d like…in an effort to get him out of my business for good. There are lawyers involved, and I’m hoping to have it dealt with by the end of the week, so I can get back to my apartment and have him permanently removed.”

“But he’s here tonight?”


“Then why aren’t you in your apartment?”

“Honestly, I didn’t know he had a party planned when I left you the, uh…invitation. I wasn’t sure you’d even come, but I didn’t want to risk you showing up and me not being here…especially with this ridiculousness underway. But now that you’re here, we can certainly head somewhere else if you’d prefer.”

“What is this?” Emily gestured to around the room.

“Virgil’s into some pretty wild shit. He calls this his dungeon.”

“Have you ever used anything like this? I mean…with your wife…or lovers?” Emily was tentative in the way she asked.

Charles cleared his throat and looked down at his drink, answering her question while tinkering with the olives in his glass, “Well…yes, Emily…I have,” he paused to gauge her reaction, “How does that make you feel?”

Emily avoid his gaze, “I’m not sure, actually. I’ve never done anything…well…I’ve never engaged in…”


“Yes. I’ve read some stories, of course…and seen some films, but, well, I’d only been with Richard for so many years, and he never…”

“And would you like to…experiment?”

Emily’s eyes widened. She swallowed audibly, breathing in deeply before she responded.

It’s a short excerpt tonight, both because I’m tired (fuck Mondays) and because this seemed like a natural place to pause. What will Emily say to Charles? Will she agree to some experimentation? Or will she shut this idea down right now? What should happen next?

I’m linking up to the following fiction memes, as they inspired where this story headed this week. MMM Monday’s photo inspiration was bondage-related, Lustitude’s photo inspiration was leather, and Erotic Fiction Deluxe provided song lyrics that highlighted a tumultuous relationship and unsettled feelings. I’ll continue to draw ideas from fellow blogger’s memes, but I’d love to get some suggestions from readers, as well. I’m open to anything…we could go deeper down the current path, or we could take a complete 180 turn. 

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