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Rico: Our New Sex Doll

Oh, Rico. I would have passed you by in a bar, told you no if you’d tried to pick me up in the supermarket…I mean…you’ve got lovely 16-pack abs, and you’re all sorts of soft a squishy, but the lack of a head…or legs…or even a back? Well…not really my type.

So, yeah, I never thought I’d be interested in someone like you. But when Tantaly offered me a free ride, I figured, what the hell, right? I’ll try most anything once.

Of course, it started with a contact on my blog…a request for a review. I’d never heard of Tantaly, but I’ve been out of the review biz for awhile now, and I’ve been looking to get back in. This was very much a new product for me, so it didn’t feel like I was going to be dealing with the same old thing…just another vibrator/dildo/sex toy….I’ve already got 16 similar products already.

I’ve read some recent reviews from others about sex dolls, and while I wouldn’t have gone looking on my own (I thought they were mostly female dolls, anyway), the products looked promising.

Tantaly has two male dolls (torso only). Edward is 18.74 pounds and Rico is 26 pounds. I opted for Rico mostly because he was bigger and looked like he would prop me up better, and since I have crappy knees, that’s a must with a product like this. I’ve used suction-cup dildos while on my knees before, and because I’m a “bigger” girl, it’s difficult to get down on it, you know…go balls deep, when I’m sitting on my heels.

I let the company rep know this was the product I’d like to try, and within a week, he was here. The packaging was perfectly discreet…though the box was heavy, and when I went to pick it up from the post office, I felt a fair bit of excitement carrying the unwieldy package out to my truck. I could hear him moving around in the box, and there was a curious rattle. Hmmm….

I saved the unboxing for when my Husband got home. The doll was held immobile in a plastic mold (which is what was scraping against the cardboard making a rattling sound) and wrapped in large, clear plastic bags to keep him from falling out of the mold or bending or being poked or prodded in transit (obviously they want to save that fun for the customer, and I appreciate it). There was no foam or other non-recyclable packaging, which I also appreciate.

You can see a greasy impression of his pecs and abs left on the cardboard.

Obviously, the first thing I noticed was Rico‘s rather large and protruding member (an impressive 8.3 inches). It bounced against his abs a few times as we took the plastic bags out of the box, leaving him there in the mold to gaze at him. I poked at him a few times, noting just how squishy and soft he was, more-so than I expected. I pulled him out of the box, and he flopped around, bending in half…I wondered how on earth I was going to clean him for the first time, given his heft and the difficulty of moving him from point A to point B…like a giant bag of dog food or a sack of potatoes…with a protruding dick.

As you can see, he’s very bendy.

He was a little greasy-feeling and had a slight plastic smell, but nothing horrible. I knew a good soaping up would have him smelling fresh and feeling squeaky clean.

There was quite a bit of laughter, as we wrapped him back up for later use (the teenager was home, so we knew we’d have to wait). But the weekend finally came, and last night, we got to try Rico out for the first time.

Here’s how it went.

I spent a bit of time getting ready for the evening. Our newest Fantasy Box had been waiting on a shelf for a couple of weeks. It held an adorably sexy school girl costume (complete with fishnets and a lollipop) and a super cute hitty thing. I put my hair in pig tails, donned my Mary Janes, stuck the lollipop in my mouth and traipsed out to the living room.

Of course, these sorts of get-ups aren’t meant to be worn long, and after bending me over the bed, pulling my panties aside for a few quick thrusts (and a photo, of course), He told me to take them off and bring Rico to the bed.

I lubed up Rico’s ample, erect, squeezable cock and mounted him. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to take the whole thing, as I’ve had a hysterectomy, and well…things end where my cervix used to be, buuuuuut – I took it like a champ, nice and slow. Mr. D, got up on the bed behind me, and I knew, suddenly, exactly where things were headed. His dreams of a (modified) DP were about to happen. He lubed up His own cock, and my ass, and slowly entered me from behind.

Now, Rico isn’t terribly thick. He seems pretty normal in diameter for the length of his cock. Definitely big enough around that I need lube to get him in, especially if I’m planning to go all the way down. 

He fills me up, though, and having my Husband fill up my back door in addition, was a sensation I’ve only ever felt using some combo of dildos and/or butt plugs (and occasionally my Husband’s cock). However, because Rico is so life-like in squishiness and bendability, it was much more comfortable.

Now, I’m the kind of girl who also needs some clitoral stimulation, so I wasn’t going to get off this way, but there was pretty quick evidence that Mr. D liked it.

Solo Tries

I gave Rico a solo try today, as well, and I tried to use a penis ring vibrator to add some clitoral stimulation. Rico’s girth made that uncomfortable for me, so I opted for a regular vibrator instead, and it was fabulous. Having the sense of a real person beneath me, even though it doesn’t respond like a human in movement, is hella better than just a vibrator. Plus, he’s heavy enough that he holds stable and still no matter what I do on top of him. It means hands-free enjoyment.

I usually don’t like it on top, but bouncing and grinding back and forth against Rico, his large cock bottoming me out, filling me up, moving easily with me while I stimulated my clit to orgasm, pushed me over the edge, and I actually had a vaginal orgasm, too…which made the experience much more intense…and messy (in a good, good way).

Mr. D also gave Rico a solo run, before we even used it together. He said it was pleasurable, as Rico does have a “real” usable asshole. It’s nice and tight, too, which makes it a bit difficult to clean, so having the correct products for this is a must (Tantaly does sell these). Mr. D turned Rico upside down to do this, because the doll’s penis does get in the way, and there is easier access when the doll is turned over.

The Cost

I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t have spent $259.99 for this, but if you’ve got that kind of cash to drop on a sex toy (I’ve seen what some of those fancy vibrators cost…so I know some of you do), this is worth it. Besides, it’s not like sex dolls, on average, are cheap, and if the one you’re looking at is, it probably isn’t very high quality. I’d imagine, if you are in the market for one, you’re already prepared to put out a few healthy pennies.

I’m not sure where I’m going to store this guy. He certainly can’t stay in my bathroom, out there for everyone to see. Every time we walk in there, we’re like, “Oh, hello…there’s an erect cock…” I’m currently on the hunt for a good place to hide him, which is difficult, given his size and weight.

The Specs

TPE, silicone, medical grade

So this image comes from the website…That bottom measurement is off, though; he isn’t 6.3″ wide. He’s just over a foot wide at the base. And those circle measurements that appear to be circumference measurements are really just width measurements.

The Video

Here’s me feeling Rico up good, so you can see just how squishy and soft and bendable he is.

The Deal

If you’d like to hook up with Rico (really…I recommend it; he’s pretty good in the sack and doesn’t require a thing from you, other than a good cleaning after) – head to the Tantaly site. You can get a 10% discount on any of your orders there if you use the discount code “Brigit10.” (Woo Hoo! Aren’t you glad we’re friends?)

click Here to learn How to Care for Your Sex Doll (this is important stuff).

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about this product, shoot me a DM or write it in the comments. I’d be happy to help.

Disclaimer: If I didn’t make it clear, I was given this product for free for my unbiased review. I was not paid for the review in any other way. These are my honest opinions and real experiences.



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