For the A-Z Challenge this year, I’m also celebrating National Poetry Month (this will likely become a “thing” for me). Today, I’m on to “G,” and since I’m pushing myself to write forms that I have never written before, today, I’m going with the ghazal.

The rules for this one are quite complex, and rather than rewriting them, take a look at this, as the instructions are good and the example is helpful.

Here we go…

Grendel’s Price

Angry winds blew and the clouds bled darkness–
blackbirds gathered, rose in swells, fled darkness.

Squealing laughter, fever-pitched, swirled in storm–
nightmare shadows took flight and fed darkness.

On the alter, bodies frozen in fear–
hooded figures brought light and led darkness.

Stinging rain, cold against skin, pierced the night–
and lust claimed the monster, who bred darkness.

Hungrily, he followed the chanting crowd–
watched his unclaimed spoils, naked, shed darkness.

He took each one, forcefully, brutally–
guttural groans bellowed and shred darkness.

They wake in states of confusion, knowing–
their task had been fulfilled: to end darkness.

Satiated for now, the monster fled–
years until he returns to head darkness.

Alright…not my best work – and definitely not a theme/topic I normally go for. Not sure where this one came from (the dark, ugly recesses of my paranormal soul?). But, I did it. And now I’m done.

I’ll be honest, I don’t like this sort of repetition, and I’m not likely to do this particular form again, but it definitely stretched my rhyming inclinations in a new way.

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