Echo Verse

For the A-Z Challenge, and to celebrate National Poetry Month, I’m attempting a new poetic form every day.

Echo Verse

  • repeat the end syllable(s) of each line
  • no other rules
  • there are two ways to do this: repeat the ending syllable(s) at the end of the same line, or repeat the ending syllable(s) on its own line directly beneath each line

So let’s give it a try…

(If you are viewing this on a phone, the line breaks are bit off, so I’ve bolded ends and beginnings to make it clearer.)

End of Night – The Storm Outside

The trees bend,
ending night’s stillness
nestling birds quiet their calls.

All’s well, though, within.
Inside, you wrap yourself around me,
meeting soul against soul.

Old storms build on the horizon,
unbeknownst to you and I.

I wake to feel your heartbeat
ing through me like thunder:
earnest, vibratory, pulsing.

Singed sky undulates like lava,
vanishing into clouds that boil dark above.
Officious winds whistle through the trees,
easily breaking limbs:
limbs, scatter on pavement,
meant to remind us that
at least something knows
owes us nothing at all.

All is well, though, within.
Inside, you wrap yourself around me,
Meeting soul against soul.

Okay…that was a lot harder than it looks (there’s definitely been a theme with that). I may have sort of cheated a bit on some of these. Give it a go, yourself, and share what you come up with in the comments. I’d love to see it!

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