National Poetry Month 2021,  Poetry


  • 3 stanzas
  • Each stanza is followed by a refrain
  • First stanza is 6 lines long and presents a problem
  • Second stanza is 8 lines long and explores or expands the problem
  • Third stanza is 6 lines long and either presents a solution or documents the failed attempt to resolve the problem

And on to our second poetic form. Another that I had never heard of, so something completely new to try!


Alone in the dark, quiet room,
I hear your voice in my head,
words spoken before you left,
“touch yourself.”
I am used to following your direction,
even when you are gone.

You are with me, even when you are not.

I press fingers here and there,
pinch, and slide them in,
conjuring your face in my mind.
I see you over me, feel your heat,
can even hear you breathe,
the weight of you against me —
all the details of a well-rehearsed

You are with me, even when you are not.

Eyes squeezed shut,
in the flashing darkness there,
I lose myself to fantasy of you,
your head between my legs,
the feel of your tongue working
against the hot core of my being.

You are with me, even when you are not.



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