A “good girl” is always available

He came home an entered my office, where I sat, brain mired in law books and legal cases, writing a paper for school.

I looked up at Him, knowing He’d expect me to come in the other room and remove His boots, as is our nightly ritual, but I could see a deeper expectation in His expression.

I wasn’t ready to fulfill it. My mind was on my work and I didn’t want to stop. He knows me well, and I’m sure He could see that stress was bubbling to the surface. Before I Had a chance to put up any resistance, like the terrible sub I was being, He told me we’d get to it later.

I removed His boots, asked about His day, and went back to my study.

But afterward, I thought back to Lillith’s latest NTW prompt: a good girl is always available.

It’s been one of our “rules” in the past, and though it isn’t now, it’s still an underlying expectation.

And I believe it should be.

I mean, there are always exceptions: when I’m sick, or when it could get me in trouble at work, or when the circumstances would out me with family or friends.

But otherwise? I’m at His beck and call. And while I don’t always have to be in the mood, I always have to be willing, open, and accommodating. Of course, it helps if I’m in the mood, but it isn’t necessary. For example…when I’m simply a nice, soft, warm cum dumpster. No need for me to be in any mood besides alive and moving (or maybe, better yet, holding still) for that.

So I failed to live up to the expectation tonight. And I knew it.

I also knew there would be words.

So, when I finished my assignment, I asked if I could fulfill His needs.

But He told me it had passed. And I was disappointed with myself, knowing full well, this was my screw up.

I asked if there was anything I could do to bring it back, but He said no.

Well, shit.

Lucky for me, His taste for it did resurface, after He’d had a chance to relax and enjoy a glass of wine.

He told me to follow Him to bedroom.

Once there, He told me to get a towel and instructed me to lay it out on the bed, undress, and lube myself up. His plan was to fuck me and then take a photo as I pushed His cum back out…the man loves a cream pie.

In the bathroom after, He assured me that if I put Him off again, there’d be consequences. He let me off with a warning.

But honestly, I already felt guilty…and I don’t like feeling guilty. I’d say it’s punishment enough, but He really did let me off with a light sentence.

He’s a good man. A good Dominant. He might seem like a push over sometimes, but He can tell when I already feel bad about something, and He’s really not much of a punisher, unless it is going to give Him some added pleasure as well.

Being available isn’t something I need to work on. It’s just something I need to be.

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