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    Here it is! The final A-Z Challenge post! I fucking did it!!!! Zappai poems are like haiku; they have a 5-7-5 syllable pattern but do not contain the seasonal reference expected of haiku. In other words, zappai are all those haiku people write that haiku poets recognize as not being haiku. In fact, I’d say most of the “haiku” I’ve written over the years have actually been zappai. Go figure…learned something today! The End I walk to the end, realizing it circles back, and sigh, audibly.

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    2 more to go…and the A-Z Challenge is in the bag! The ya-du is a Burmese poetic form. Here are the guidelines (taken from Writer’s Digest): Quintains (or five-line stanzas). Four syllables in the first four lines. The final line has either five, seven, nine, or 11 syllables. The fourth syllable of the first line rhymes with the third syllable of the second line and the second syllable of the third line. The fourth syllable of the third line rhymes with the third syllable of the fourth line and the second syllable of the fifth line. The fourth syllable of the fourth line rhymes with the final syllable of the…

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    I had to dig deep to find a poetic form starting with “X”. This explanation is from Judi Van Gorder: Xiaoshi, (small poem,shi = poetry / xiao = little, diminutive or small) is a genre of Chinese poetry from the 1920s. It is a fragmented poem with minimal explanation. It teams seemingly unrelated images with little indication of cause and effect. The frame is at the discretion of the poet although in sync with most Chinese poetry, it is common to be written as a quatrain. Here’s my attempt… Somewhere sweat beads on brows muscles pulse, playing heart beats audible breath turns to pleasure moan somewhere–lovers lay spent rooms filled…

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    4 more to go! The A-Z Challenge is just about under my belt! (Sadly…in my website update this morning, I lost my last post for the “viator” form…I’m not about to go back and re-write it, though – just rest assured that I DID write it…and I’m keeping credit for it, dammit). The waka is a Japanese 5-line poem (or stanza) that is often considered synonymous with the tanka, because both have a 5-7-5-7-7 syllable per line structure. However, the waka groups its lines together in a particular way. The first 2 lines should make up one piece, the next 2 lines should make the next, and then, the final line…

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    Okay, guys, I’m digging deep on this one. “U” was a tough one to find, and none of them have looked real easy to achieve (the first one I found was an Arabic form written in the “meter of the camel”…not sure what that means, but, hey, maybe it’s a cultural thing, and I’d have to have been there to understand). I’ve opted to go with the Utendi or Untenzi (Swahili meaning “deed” or “act”) which is a Swahili form. These poems are apparently usually narrative and should tell a story. Swahili epics appear in this form, not that I’ve read many of those. The elements of the Utendi are:…

  • Erotic Journal Challenge

    What sexual changes would you like to make?

    This week’s #EroticJournalChallenge prompt is: What change(s) would you like to make in your sexual behavior, attitude, or thoughts/feelings? NOTE: Please take a moment to read the rules. The Erotic Journal Challenge encourages writers to really dig deep and share some pretty personal stuff. So I want everyone to know that they are welcome and that this is a judgement-free zone. All writers are safe to share their beliefs and experiences. Journaling is a way to learn and grow and question and change, and we should all feel safe to explore ourselves with fear. CLICK HERE TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS/RULES #EroticJournalChallenge You can also see upcoming prompts on the main #EroticJournalChallenge…

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    Who would be your dinner guest?

    It’s time for question #7! I’m going to be using Arthur Aron’s “36 Questions” for awhile. Aron is a social psychology researcher at Stony Brook University. His 36 Questions have been published in various places all over the internet and are usually referred to as the 36 Questions to Fall in Love. However, the questions are useful for improving any sort of relationship, because they push us past small talk. As always, you can keep your responses light and simple, short and sweet, or dig in deep. You can head down a sexy road, or keep it safe for work. It’s totally up to you! The goal is simply to…

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    Breaking Bad Habits & Finding Motivation

    This isn’t going to be a sexy post…but it’s related to sex in a certain way. Which I’ll get to. Over the course of the last stupid pandemic year (I should have just titled this post How Covid Ruined My Health and Made Me Fat), I’ve pretty much let my health go. In the beginning, it wasn’t so bad. I was feeling pretty motivated, stuck at home, because it was “new.” My yoga studio went virtual, and I was doing yoga every weekday at 10 am, because it fit into my new at-home work day. I was monitoring and controlling what I ate during the day, and I drank enough…

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    School Girl

    It’s a super common fantasy, eh? Which is why I’m sure it was the costume that showed up in our month fantasy subscription box (The Fantasy Box). I’ve been pretty please with the lingerie that has been in these boxes. I’m not a small girl, and every piece has been well-made and flattering for my size and figure. This one was pretty adorable. It even came equipped with a rainbow lollipop and a clapping soft paddle with hearts on it. He told me to bend over the bed, pulled my panties aside, and thrust into me a few times, before he took several cracks at my ass with the paddle.…

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    Rico: Our New Sex Doll

    Oh, Rico. I would have passed you by in a bar, told you no if you’d tried to pick me up in the supermarket…I mean…you’ve got lovely 16-pack abs, and you’re all sorts of soft a squishy, but the lack of a head…or legs…or even a back? Well…not really my type. So, yeah, I never thought I’d be interested in someone like you. But when Tantaly offered me a free ride, I figured, what the hell, right? I’ll try most anything once. Of course, it started with a contact on my blog…a request for a review. I’d never heard of Tantaly, but I’ve been out of the review biz for…

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