Two Truths and a Lie

We’re going to do this “two truths and a lie” style…for fun, and in honor of this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt.

Below, I have described three possible scenarios. Two of them are situations I’d love to play out with my Dom, and one is not. Which do you think is the “lie”?


I come home from work to find a dress, stockings, and heels put out for me to wear, along with a note that says be ready in 30 minutes.

When I pick up the dress, I find a remote control wearable vibrator, a butt plug, and tiny nipple clamps underneath.

The night consists of visiting several different bars and restaurants for appetizers and drinks…and lots and lots of edging.


I come home from work to find my Husband and another man sitting on the couch. My Husband tells me to strip and give the man a blow job. He watches for a few minutes and then kneels behind me, entering me. He fucks me slowly at first, then aggressively, as I suck the other man to orgasm.

After he comes, himself, He tells me to clean up, and we go out for dinner with the man.

On the way home, He pulls over on on back road and makes me use a vibrator on myself in the back seat until I come, my legs spread wide so they can both watch from the front seat.


I come home from work to find my outfit for the evening displayed on the bed…stockings, crotchless panties, a garter belt, and a balconette bra that exposes my nipples.

We go about a lovely evening cooking dinner, drinking wine, watching TV, all while he intermittently uses and touches my body. Spanking, fingering, tweaking, bending me over counters and couches and chairs, spreading me open to fondle, absent-mindedly while watching TV.

He tells me to suck His cock during commercial breaks, get His drinks, ride Him to orgasm without taking one of my own.

Alright then…two are things I’d love. One is not so much. Can you figure out which one?

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  • May More

    I think I remember you commenting on a post of mine where i said my man chose my lingerie and u said u liked that – and I have read a lot about your relationship so I think 2 is the lie
    Great idea here of incorporating the meme prompt in to fantasies
    May x

  • Lilly

    How exciting all 3 are. Personally 2 & 3 would appeal more to me. I think 1, although it sounds good reading it, would be too much teasing 😵

    • Brigit Delaney

      2 is my lie. While I might fantasize about something like this happening, I would be very uncomfortable with it happening in life. I don’t like being put on display or being watched. Exposure isn’t my thing, especially when it comes to masturbation.

  • Marie Rebelle

    I love how you have done the prompt, very creative! I am with May, I think 2 is the lie, because I seem to remember reading that where your husband would like to see you with others, but you are not ready for that.
    ~ Marie xox

    • Brigit Delaney

      2 is, indeed, the lie. While I might fantasize about something like this, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with it actually happening. I’m uncomfortable being watched, even by my own Husband.

  • Mrs Fever

    2 doesn’t read like “you” — 1 and 3 do.

    Yet 1&3 are remarkably similar. So maybe not. But you said recently that there was a major miscommunication that un-sexy’ed your sexy time around his fantasy of you with another guy being a pretty big NO for you. So there’s also that.

    My sexual/romantic dynamic is totally different, so whenever I read something along the lines of “he laid out my clothes for me” I just laugh. If my husband laid out clothes for me, I’d have mismatched socks and it would just get less and less sexy from there. 😋

    I’m far more likely to dress him. 😉
    Mrs Fever recently posted…Saturday Night Fever: New{d} PantiesMy Profile

  • Posy Churchgate

    Wowowowow! Those are 3 very hot scenarios.

    Me – I’d hate the one with loads of teasing (1) that has me gritting my teeth even reading about it. I love fantasy (2) but I’d want it to stay as a fantasy – I couldn’t bring a 3rd into my relationship dynamic, and I’m guessing your the same. (I’ve peeked at your comments, I know I am right).
    The last sounds similar to the 1st, but with less frustration and done at home, so that is my personal favourite. I love how you’ve tackled this prompt with fantasies, great writing.

    (I also have a man like Mrs Fever, so him picking what I wore would be the unravelling of the whole sexy scenario – does he even KNOW where I store my sexy garments???)

    • Brigit Delaney

      Mr. D can probably dress me better than I do myself. But He definitely has a different vision for my style. I am less comfortable in what He chooses, but knowing He finds me swxy in it usually negates my own worries.

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