Music to Fuck To

I honestly love pretty much all types of music, depending on the situation (aside from certain kinds of angry rap and heavy metal, or experimental jazz and new age that I can’t wrap my head around).

My truck radio is tuned to the local country station. I tend to prefer it because the songs tell stories and are often romantic, and I’m a sucker for a love story.

But, if I’m working out, I like upbeat modern dance/club music or hard rock (Disturbed/Tool) because I find it motivating, and it gets my pulse going.

For writing or working, I have to go with something that doesn’t have words, as I’m easily distracted. But even some classical pulls me off task if it’s too passionate. So, I usually go with a yoga or meditation channel on spotify for this…or forgo music altogether.

To clean house of do yard work, something happy and upbeat – 80’s tunes are good for this.

And when I’m in a mood…it’s the 90’s (The Cure, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam).

It’s interesting…I used to buy/collect CD’s all the time and had a much better feeling for the particular artists that I liked, but now that I have constant access to playlists, I’m not as aware of who I’m listening to anymore. It’s more about the what than the who now. I guess as a younger person, music was part of my identity. But now…my identity just is…and I select music based on my needs or desires, rather than like a piece of clothing to announce to the world “this is who I am right now.” Instead, now it’s just, “this is how I feel right now,” or “this just fits what I’m doing right now.”

Awhile back, I considered making a playlist of tunes to fuck to…but then, as usual, I found that someone else had already done it and probably did a better job. Here are a few lists from various sources.

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Songs to Have Sex To (8 Tracks Radio)

The 10 Best Songs to Have Sex to, According to Spotify

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Fuck Music (Spotify)

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If you have a great Spotify sex playlist you can share, please do! I’m always up for something new. We all have such various tastes, but listening to certain types of music can certainly spice things up in the bedroom a bit. And if you’ve done a blog post on this, feel free to link it below so we can all benefit from the work you’ve done.

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