Date Night & Sex Therapy

I came home from work on Friday (a bit early, which was a nice way to end my week), greeted my Husband. He greeted me back, and before I could sit down or begin futzing around the house, as is my usual habit, He told me to follow Him into the bathroom.

Instantly, my brain shifted from work mode to submissive mode. (Funny how all it takes is a command…a look…a tone or inflection, at least when we’re in tune with each other.)

He directed me to lay down near the bathtub (I thought to myself, this is an odd place to fuck…but okay), close my eyes, and spread my legs wide. I was intrigued.

I felt Him pushing something into me. He was struggling a bit to get it in and to get it to stay, and it pinched a bit, but He added some of lube, and then I was full of something. 

“Okay, you can stand up.”

It moved inside of me, and made a bit of noise as something else rolled around inside of it. I clenched my muscles around it to keep it from falling out. At this point I knew it was a set of Ben Wa balls. (Calexotics Silicone “O” Balls).

He walked away and went back to His seat on the couch, and I put my clothes back on, following Him through the house, past our oblivious gaming teenager. The feeling was strange…not heavy at all, but a bit uncomfortable, especially when I bent or sat. And even though He gave me permission to remove them after I sort of complained, I went ahead and kept them in. It made me heavily aware of my cunt…hard to concentrate on anything else. Sort of like wearing a butt plug. I liked that part of the sensation, even though the balls rolled and pinched the delicate skin inside of me. Maybe it’s something I need to try a few times to get used to.

After the grandparents came and picked up the teenager, He told me to go into the bedroom and put on the items waiting there…and nothing else.

I went in to find a pair of black, lacey boyshorts (which fit perfectly and were pretty darn cute) and a silver tie lumped in a little pile on the sheets below my pillow,  and began undressing.

“Ummm…” I yelled from the bedroom, “I don’t know how to tie a tie.”

And from the living room, “You’d better figure it out.”

I was already naked by then, so I traipsed back through the house to find my phone. I was going to have to YouTube this.

I put on the boyshorts, and found a suitable video to walk me through the tie. It took two tries, but I was ready in under ten minutes, feeling pretty proud of my little accomplishment.

Back in the living room, He stood, His erection obvious beneath His jeans.

“You know what to do,” He said.

I bent to my knees, unzipped, unbuttoned, and pulled His jeans and underwear down just enough to set His cock free. The warm scent of Him instantly made my cunt twitch. I breathed Him in and opened my mouth, wrapping my lips around Him.

I sucked Him off for bit, loving the moans this elicited and His hands in the back of my hair, pressing my face to Him, His cock bouncing against the back of my throat.

Before He could come, though, He told me to stop…

“Go to the bedroom and bed over the edge of the bed.”

Here He alternated smacking my ass and legs and back with a light-weight crop, that stung just enough to be pleasurable, and running a feather over the same spots.

“Get on the bed,” He commanded, and I obliged.

“Spread your legs wide.”

He pulled the panties aside, exposing my cunt, pulled the Ben Wa balls out and then slipped His fingers in and out a few times. He used the crop on my thighs and then my cunt and tits, which was new, but because the crop was made of pretty light materials, and He used a gentle hand, I liked the sensation.

He got onto the bed, pushed my legs up, holding my ankles, and pushed inside of me a few times.

I imagined this was it…He would fuck me now, but He had one more thing in store.

A roll of bondage tape.

He taped my hands to my lower shins, near my ankles, ensuring full exposure to my cunt, and then pulled out a vibrator. He commenced with multiple forced orgasms, until I was breathless and wriggling and giggling uncontrollably.

And then He cut the crotch of my panties with a knife, dripped plenty of lube across my cunt, letting it ooze down. He plunged, surprisingly, into my ass and fucked me hard, tightening my tie (an added bonus of this accessory), choking me (which I have a bit of a thing for), while holding the vibrator against my clit.

It was loud, messy sex, that left me shaking and light headed. And I loved every moment.

Having the teenager gone for an evening each week, and prioritizing sex earlier in the day definitely help. These days, if I wait too long, I’m down for the count by 9:00 and our window has closed. Gone are the days of late, wild nights (mostly).

We showered and headed out for dinner (shared the first pitcher of beer we’ve had in a long time, which felt sort of luxurious)…watched some stand-up comedy on Netflix (Kathleen Madigan – it was hilarious), and hit the hay around ten (we had to drive a ways to our sex therapy session in the morning)

A pretty nice date night, if I do say so myself.

All the items (besides the vibrator) used this evening came from box 3 of The Fantasy Box.

Once again the items were high quality, and the “fantasy” was different from the first two. It seems to alternate focus on each partner. It is definitely aimed at heterosexual couples, but if that’s you, I’d definitely recommend it. We get the Classic box, which is $59 per month.

Our sex therapy session went pretty well. We found that we had little to talk about, really. We recounted how we’d listed out our fantasies and committed to fulfilling some of these for each other and continuing to modify and understand what is different (and similar) about our desires (since this is really the point where things start to go wrong for us).

Identifying each other’s fantasies (part 1)
Identifying each other’s fantasies (part 2)

I’ve also, in my focus on fantasies, begun reading Tell Me What You Really Want: The Science of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life. Taking this just a chapter at a time, I asked my husband to order His own fantasy interests (based on the themes presented by the book) and then compared them to mine. We discussed the results, and while neither us was surprised, we can see where these differences cause us problems.

At the top of his list: novelty/adventure/variety, multi-partner sex, and partner sharing/non-monogamous relationships.

I rated novelty/adventure/variety third on my list (which is an area of similarity for us, and therefore probably what we should focus on first), but his #2 and #3 were last on my list.

At the top of my list: passion/romance, and power/control/rough sex (or BDSM).

While these weren’t last on his list, they came in fifth and fourth, respectively.

I plan to continue my fantasy research, so I’m making this a feature on the blog. It really seems to be the epicenter of our “issues,” and therefore, I think the solution to our “problems with sex” lies within breaking this core open and exposing it to find the things within it that work for us and understand what the things that don’t…don’t.

Stick with me on this if you are interested in learning more about fantasy, too. And maybe pick up a copy of the book, so you can follow along. I’m changing my book club selection for April because of this, too, to make things easier for myself.

As we are doing pretty well right now, we’ve pushed our next sex therapy session out to June, for a check-up.

If you are in need of sex therapy, Dr. Libby does online sessions and can meet with people all over the world – you might want to look him up.

Before we left yesterday, He gave us these buttons in celebration of National Orgasm Week…it felt like sort of getting our Gold Star for graduating from sex therapy. Of course, we know we’ve got a lot of work to do, but we’re on the right track now.

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