A day of rest…

I like to spend my days off a number of ways, but the best ones are lazy, slow, and late.

Sleeping in, taking coffee and reading or writing, maybe outside if the sun is shining and the air is warm.

Showering late, after mid-morning sex that doesn’t require me to bite my tongue and be silent.

Having a fine meal in the early evening.

Basically, I like a day where nothing is required of me, where the agenda is clear, and I can breathe and relax into the time, letting it spread slowly.

I also like days off with shopping plans, spa plans, traveling plans, or doing something fun with family and friends. Looking forward to a party or an event. Especially now, since it’s been so long without them.

But I always like to start my days off slow and usually I prefer to end them the same way. In comfortable clothes, curled up on the couch watched TV or reading a book.

Not like today, with some hideous blend of migraine hell and hangover that had me in a dark bed most of the day. What a sad waste of a beautiful Saturday. And now my Husband is making soup, because my stomach is unhappy and food-resistant.

And tomorrow is homework day.

But I can still start slow, and read, and write, if I get up early enough to ensure enough time. It’s just not as relaxing while doing laundry and knowing I have to write a paper for hours.

Plus, last night, I fell asleep while we were watching porn together, and He’s a mite teed off at me for spoiling our night without the teenager. I woke up at 4 in the morning with brain-splitting headache, threw up, had the chills, and had to cancel our counseling appointment, too. So, bleh…a shitty Saturday.

But I’m feeling a bit better this evening. So I think I’m not dying of the Covid or anything dramatic like that.

And there will be more days off to enjoy.

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  • Mrs Fever

    I’m very familiar with the horrors of migraines. I hope you’re feeling better tomorrow and able to enjoy some sun in between the homework.

    (And I don’t blame you one bit for falling asleep to porn. I find it quite snooze-inducing even when I’m feeling awesome. *laugh* So yeah, I can see why you’d crash out from it if you weren’t feeling up to snuff.)
    Mrs Fever recently posted…Saturday Night Fever: Feeling My AgeMy Profile

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