Erotic Journal Challenge

The Erotic Journal Challenge goes WEEKLY (again)


I’ve noticed for some time that a monthly EJC is getting lost and forgotten among the memes. So…I’m gonna go back to weekly. I know there are a zillion memes right now, and you have so many reasons to choose the ones that you do. For some of us, it’s a dedication or loyalty to the person running it. For others, certain prompts just fit our blog themes and writing styles better. For still others, lines have been drawn in the sand, and people have gone their separate ways.

I’ve also thought long and hard about my motivation for blogging. At the core, this is (and should be) about making connections and building community. I could easily keep a diary or journal on my own, but the difference here is you…the reader…and your connection to me…the writer. Weekly memes are more interactive, and that is really what I’m looking for here and on my social media platforms.

I love the EJC, but I also realize that, for many of us, our blogs are pretty much erotic journals ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME. So the element that has to set the EJC apart is the “challenge” part. And this year, the challenge is to celebrate and be grateful – which, after the year we’ve had (and may still be having), can be complicated and hard.

I’ve been offering up weekly possibilities and reminders on Twitter, and I’ll continue to do that. I realize I may be setting myself up here…and if it doesn’t work out, then the meme may just have run its course, and that’s okay.

I’m selecting Thursday, since I’m fairly certain there aren’t any other memes that have taken that day. So the EJC will run from Thursday to Thursday. This first one will run a few days extra, since I’m starting it on March 1.

I’ll keep on sharing what you link-up, and I will continue to select a few to highlight. It’s not really a round-up, but rather just a noticing of some of the posts that touch me or grab my attention the most.

So, here we go.

Shout Out & Appreciation

Before sharing my suggestions for this week, let me do a little shout out to the participants for February. Thank you to the following writers for linking up last month.

The Practical Submissive
Mrs. Fever
E.L. Byrne
Stella Kink

The posts I’d like to highlight are…

Love is Worth the Risk – E.L. Byrne

Maybe it’s because I know that no matter the pain, no matter the madness, no matter the sadness, I will be ok. I will be able to get past it when it hurts. After love has knocked me on my ass, I will see sunshine and flowers and breathe happy air again. Maybe not right away, maybe sooner than I expected, you never know. But I do know, it will be ok again. My faith that there is more love, and there are people in my life who love me, regardless of romantic situations, holds me up and gives me the strength to risk the madness. Because in the end, love is worth the risk.”

How do you break up when you aren’t dating? – Stella Kink

“So what are we to do when our love for each other isn’t enough to keep the relationships we’ve forged going? Do we just stop cold turkey and ghost them? Do we send them a message, a current day post-it note a la Sex and the City? Do we have a conversation to say, it’s not you it’s me, and tell them we will continue being friends without anything having to be weird between us? After all, nobody needs to move out or return a box of the other person’s things. We weren’t even dating.”


This Week’s Prompts/What to Write About

2021 Focus: Celebrations & Gratitude

March Focus: Luck

Write about anything you are celebrating this WEEK…an anniversary, an accomplishment, an event, a birthday. Big or small, if it makes you smile, it’s worth celebrating! Share what makes you happy with others.

If you need a little more creative inspiration, take a look at this month’s calendar:

Some of my suggestions:

March 3 – I Want You to Be Happy Day
March 7 – Be Heard Day
March 9 – Get Over It Day
March 10 – International Day of Awesomeness
March 11 – Dream Day
  • National Irish American Heritage Month
  • National Women’s History Month

Click on the days below for more ideas.

March 1

March 2

March 3

March 4

March 5

March 6

March 7

March 8

March 9

March 10

March 11


This is a JOURNAL challenge, so what you write should be based on personal feelings, opinions, or experiences. Journaling can be done in lots of ways, though, so I’m not about to tell you how you have to do this. Sometimes I get my feelings and emotions out through poems, lists, autobiographical stories, photos, metaphors, etc. So the format of what you write is really up to you. No judgement here! This is a SAFE place to share who you are and what you think and feel. Understandably, we sometimes offend others, especially when we are being honest and open and vulnerable about our deepest thoughts. I don’t want anyone to feel like they have to censor what they say because they might offend someone. At the same time, I want people to feel welcome. It’s a fine line. So, I do reserve the right to decide if a post just doesn’t belong here. For the most part, just be respectful of others. Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns about my policy.


The initial prompt will be posted on Thursday each week (except for this one…I’m starting a bit early with the shift from monthly to weekly prompts).

The link party will be open until the following Thursday.

I appreciate it when you use the badge and link back to this post, so it is easy for your readers to find other writers and engage in the challenge, too. If you share on social media, use the hashtag #EroticJournalChallenge.

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    • Brigit Delaney

      I totally get it. It is hard to keep up. I certainly don’t do every meme every week. I break it up and hit them when I can…I just try to spread the love.

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