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Quick Release

Maintenance masturbation…or what I’d call Quick Release…is both necessary and superficial for me.

It isn’t deeply satisfying, like the type that engages my brain…the kind constructed of a mental image and often inspired by visual or audio stimulation (books, music, movies). That kind is gradual. It sneaks up on me, like the shadows from a setting sun, and I find myself surprised, warmed at the throat, pussy clenching and suddenly hungry.

Quick Release is more like an anti-anxiety medication or a muscle relaxant…only fast-acting (especially with just the right speed and strength of vibration held to the left or right side of my clit, pressed just so, toward my vaginal opening…that’s the spot that manages to reverberate to all my buttons, pushing them simultaneously).

But the purpose isn’t the turn on, but rather the turn off.

QRs are handy in the morning…right before I get out of bed or in the shower before I get dressed and go about my day. They are also useful at night…helping my body to let go of the day.

Very little happens in my mind during a QR. I am completely honed in on the feeling of my body, namely my clit, since it provides my quickest avenue to climax.

I’d honestly say that QRs aren’t really sexual, per se. They simply release the body…like a quick build-up before a small explosion – a firecracker of pent up tightness.

A tension tamer.

They are they most common style of masturbation in my repertoire.

And I can usually reach orgasm (sometimes clitoral only, which is a little disappointing…usually vaginally, too), within a minute or two…and climax is always the goal. Without it, I am left frustrated, my muscles tighter than before, my mind a swarm of disconnected thought.

QRs do not require bells or whistles. No fantasies. No mental images or really thoughts of any kind. A simple bullet vibe will do, at just the right setting. For 3… 2…1…

And then…blank…white…reset.

I’m clear.

What is your most common masturbation style? When do you do it? Do you have a favorite toy that you use? Is climax always your goal?


      • b

        wow I didn’t think you would read my comment.

        im very depressed and your blog has really brightened my day. (found it this morning can’t stop reading.)

        are all these pics really you?

        • Brigit Delaney

          Any photo with my copyright is most definitely me!
          I’m so happy my blog could brighten your day. I struggle with depression, as well, and any little bright spot is worth celebrating.

          • b

            wow incredible.

            would you mind if I masturbated to your photos?

            I wouldn’t want to without your permission, but im kinda falling in love with the idea of you from all of what I’ve read.

  • b

    I guess not.

    its okay. most of the times when I ask im blocked.

    so sorry for asking and making you uncomfortable

    btw we have a anchor in Aussie called Brigid Delaney,.,

      • b

        just because they are out there doesn’t mean thats the purpose of them…

        I’ve been reading your other articles and it doesn’t seem like you are a poly kind of person, so I felt like I stumbled on your personal journal, and therefore felt compelled to ask.

        if you wanted ppl to be jerking to it you would upload to pornhub…

        • Brigit Delaney

          True. And no…that is not the purpose, per se. This is very much like a journal for me. As a confessional writer, I find solace in not only writing my feelings out to understand them, but having others be a part of it. I guess it’s sort of like word-exhibitionism.

          • b

            you are a incredible person!

            thank you for sharing all this with me

            would love to still masturbate to you if you don’t mind.

            thanks b

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