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Well, I wasn’t sure if I was going to do February Photofest this year or not. I’ve got a terribly busy week ahead – my own college finals, remote learning is moving to hybrid (so my students are coming back)…but, I figured, what the hell – especially after seeing that Nikki was doing some of the work for me, having come up with a daily photo prompt for Love Yourself this month! That pretty much sealed the deal, so thanks, Nikki.

Plus…it’s just a photo. I can do that, even if I don’t have time for a full-on post. So here it is – photo #1:

This first is a blast from the past, but as I looked through my images for those that included hands, it struck me. I do so love the power of His hands on me. When He grabs me, pulls me, pushes me, spanks me, holds me down, makes me. I love that He can overpower me. That He is stronger than me.

And yet, even with those powerful hands, He can be gentle.

Those hands know just how to make me squirm, how to make me shiver, arch, cum.


Initially, a mind-clearing sting,
then tendrils of heat and
a vibrating ache
as the outline of his hand
blossoms on my skin.



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