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Have you ever been so attuned to another person that you could sense their moods from across the room?

It’s not about details – the how or why of a feeling. It’s just the feeling. 

I noticed Him, on the couch yesterday evening, while I was busy working on a school assignment. Typing away on my laptop, I could feel His body change. He set His phone aside, His legs (normally curled to the side) stretched out and off the couch, and His gaze found the floor. He looked pensive – His head resting on his fisted hand, brow furrowed, eyes narrowed.

Something was off.

My fingers stopped tapping the keys, as soon as I felt the change in Him.

It’s funny how our awareness of another person, even if only peripherally, can be so ingrained. It’s not like I was sitting there just watching Him. I was mentally and visually engaged in something else. But even so, my body and mind had the capacity to notice his body language and the shift in energy.

I think that is the magic of a relationship. The thing that comes with time and deep knowledge of another. Those sorts of invisible ties that hold us together are the things that, when severed, cause the most intense pain…because, in essence, they are physically and energetically a part of us.

I feel Him. When I sleep. When I am busy folding laundry. When I am reading.

I hear the changes in His breathing – the length of His sighs is a gauge.

I think I even feel Him in my sleep.

Maybe I even feel Him on my way to work, when I am grocery shopping. You know when you are suddenly thinking of someone, and then the phone rings…and it’s them? Or when you are working and a person just pops into your head, and you feel the sudden urge to text them?

Connection. True connection.

And it feels…

like home.

This week’s WW theme is Sexual Fantasies. When I originally see a prompt, I let the idea wash over me and usually go with my gut reaction. It doesn’t always appear to connect. While my reflection isn’t sexual, it does get at the mental and bodily connection between two people. That deep bond that only happens with certain individuals. Usually there is love involved. In fact, I’d argue that this connection IS love, at its most foundational. 

Photography note: Something I have noticed about my body lately, is that my breast have begun to change again. They hang lower. The aeriolas are bigger…more brown. The things that come with age, I suppose. Gravity is beginning to have its gradual and inevitable way with me. But I’m okay with that. Age is not something I plan to fight. I’ve let the grey come. And now, I will embrace these changes as well. As another blogger pointed out recently, photographing ourselves in as real a way as possible is not only good for us, but good for the rest of the world, too. Perceptions of beauty are multiple and variant. The aging body has its own poetry to share.

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