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As my week is crazy busy, I’m falling back on some past images for February Photofest this week, but I’m teaming them up with inspiration from other memes. Yesterday, it was Nikki’s Love Yourself meme that inspired Hands. Today, it’s Little Switch Bitch’s coffee quote for Quote Quest:


I’m a coffee addict. I’ll admit that I probably drink too much of it, but it’s just so damned good.

Here’s one more of my favorite coffee-themed images from the past:

Given how much I have to do today, I’m thinking I’ll be drinking quite a bit of the bitter elixir today.

Remote learning has shifted to hybrid, so students are on their way back in small groups today. It’s been almost a year since I’ve had students in my classroom.

It’s also finals week for me, and I have two big projects due by Sunday.

This is when I normally start losing my mind with stress. But I’m going to keep up with my routine of coming straight home and getting on the treadmill to clear my mind. And I’m letting the house chores (aside from the ones that must be done) take a backburner.

This is also the traditional time my libido takes a hike. So that is also at the forefront of my mind. Sex is a great way to decrease stress, and spankings have a way of resetting my brain when it goes haywire. We’ve already planned for the teenager to spend the night with his grandparents on Friday, so I will have that to look forward to all week.

It’s definitely a week where I will need the heavy hand of my Dominant to keep me in line. All hands on deck.

And coffee, of course.

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