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A long time coming

It’s been a long damned time since the Mr. and I have been alone. Like, really alone. Not just locked in a bedroom away from the teenager for a half hour, biting our noises back through gritted teeth and controlling the slap of skin against skin. No spankings or screams or hairpulling for us…for many, many months.

But now that the older folks in our family have been vaccinated, we can go back to our usual Fridays, sending the teenager off for some quality time with his grandparents. And, surprise on top of surprise, we found out that our local restaurants had opened, as well. It meant we had a wonderful meal, cooked by someone else, and cleaned up by someone else.

I had this fabulous raspberry martini (made with homemade pureed raspberries). They even sent me home with one in a mason jar, which I enjoyed while watching “Hillbilly Elegy.”

It was a great date night.

Followed by a great date morning:

Give me a minute and a half, and then come into the bedroom, He said.

I found Him sitting on a chair, His erect cock waiting for me to kneel and suck it, which I gladly did. His hand on the back of my head, gently pushing to guide Himself deeper.

Before He came, He asked me to stop and stand. I was confused at first, asking what He would like me to do, until He told me to bend myself over His lap.

It’s been a long time since He spanked me, and I loved the feel of His hand against my ass. The spoon? Not so much… That fucker stings. But He used it anyway, because He can, making me squeal, alternating between setting my flesh on fire and spreading me open with His fingers, thrusting into me, finding me wetter and wetter each time.

He fucked me, then. And I got to be as vocal as I wanted, which was freeing.

Can’t wait till our next Friday night/Saturday morning to ourselves. Here’s to celebrating a little more privacy, D/s, and normalcy in our life.

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