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The Fantasy Box (an intimate review)

(Spoilers ahead. If you are planning on purchasing The Fantasy Box, you might want to wait to read this.)

So our sex therapist suggested we subscribe to The Fantasy Box, and we finally got our first one a few weeks ago. You can select a basic, mid-range (the one we chose), or deluxe box, which are priced accordingly. You answer several questions in the process of sign up, to ensure proper sizing, themes, and content. And the boxes come to you in a particular order.

The box arrived quickly, in discrete packaging, and of course, when we tore right into it. But the box is set up to introduce you to the contents slowly. There is a welcome card, and for this box, two instruction cards (Leader and Follower) and His and Hers questionnaires. We glanced through the questions, and selected our roles, reading the backs of our cards. I can see how this is intended to build anticipation.

However, given our less-than-private living arrangements and the fact that the teenage person living in our midst is ALWAYS HERE (thanks a fucking lot, Covid), we haven’t had the opportunity to really try it out. So, we just left the pretty little box closed (we didn’t even peek, I promise) and propped above our bed.


Today, though, I sent Him a text:

I’m horny. I want your cock inside me.

I figured it was best not to beat around the bush. He likes it when I’m blunt, anyway. No need to waste words with Him.

But we still had to wait for awhile until the teenager put on his headphones and started playing video games with his virtual buddies, effectively blocking out any small sounds that might escape our very careful love-making (I do miss a loud, boisterous fuck).

When I entered the bedroom, locking the door behind me, He directed me to a small pile of bright red lingerie, a blindfold, and my list of instructions. I donned the skimpy get-up (noting, out loud, that the panties were really quite like a rubber band, actually), put on the blindfold, and asked Him where and how He would like me. I was surprised. I hadn’t expected Him to run this scenario during the day, let alone when the teenager was home. I guess it added a bit of intrigue, because we were being a bit naughty (only one locked door and a pair of headphones away from our hopefully oblivious child).

“Go to the end of the bed and bend over.”

And so I did, listening to Him mill about, gathering things and moving closer.

Silently, it began. He kissed the backs of my thighs, the bend of my knee…breathed a hot path across my back, and nipped at my nape and earlobe. He spread my legs further apart, pulled the g-string from between my legs, and pressed His still soft penis between my cheeks, rubbing Himself up and down until I could feel small twitches of life in Him.

As he stepped back, I heard a tell-tale vibration, and startled a bit at the first buzz against my clit, the warmth of desire spreading across my skin.

“Move onto the bed.”

And so I did, taking off the negligee as instructed, leaving the g-string in place. Still in darkness, I lay back, jumping a bit and questioning when I heard the hiss of a lighter.

“Don’t worry about it.”

And so I didn’t. Mostly. I just lay back, allowing Him to position me, knees up, hands holding my thighs, exposing myself to Him. The little vibrator went back to work, sliding between my clit and the opening of my vagina, tracing the insides of my labia, making me wetter and wetter.

But then He stopped…milled around a bit more…and then tiny drops of heat began splattering against my skin. He dripped a crooked pattern across my breasts and down my belly and then rubbed them in.

“It’s a hot oil candle.”

And it was delicious. The vanilla scent of it…the warmth. His palm rubbing the oil against my flesh.

He turned me over and dripped it down my back, rubbing it in…and then down the crack of my ass, His fingers rubbing the hot liquid against my anus.

And I knew, then, where this was going.

He rose above me, positioned Himself, and ground His cock between my cheeks, the tip eventually finding my entrance. But the angle was imperfect, and so He instructed me to turn back over, facing Him, my legs up, knees in my chest. He dripped some lube strategically, and repositioned Himself, sliding in easily and slowly.

And then He placed the vibrator against my clit, a perfect storm of sensations. I took the little buzzing thing from Him, so He could focus on fucking my ass. It took mere seconds for me to cum that way. But He hadn’t yet…

He rolled onto His back, and I straddled Him, easing back onto Him, my asshole primed and accepting. I rode Him that way, for just a few moments, until He told me to remove the blindfold. He needed to see my eyes…just for a few seconds. And that’s all it took.

All in all, I’d say the box was a worthy purchase, though the people and what they choose to do with it are far more important than the products inside. I was pleased with the quality of the products. The lingerie fit perfectly and was beautiful. The vibrator will do nicely in my nightstand (and was just quiet enough to use with someone else in the house). The lube is exactly the brand we already use (and is excellent for anyone with sensitivities or allergies), and the candle was a new experience for me, altogether…one that I very much enjoyed. I’ve always been a fan of sensory deprivation – so the blindfold was a nice touch (even thoughwe already had one). I think the quality of the items and the thought put into the theme makes this a box a very good value.

For a first box, even if you had little sexual experience or weren’t very adventurous, I think this would be a useful assortment of products. The instructions were specific enough for anyone to follow, but open enough for interpretation and individual flair.

I look forward to the next box.

The Fantasy Box


Aria Radiance Bullet Vibe Kit

Rene Rolf Babydoll Set

Sliquid H2O lube

Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil Candle

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