Prologue 2021

So the Quote Quest quote for this week is one I referenced earlier this week, but the post just didn’t work to link-up. It is, however, a perfect quote for the beginning of the year.

Most of us have made some sort of goal or chosen a word or theme for this new year. I’ve been reading people’s posts for the past week and seeing quite a bit of that. I’m no different. While I, like many of you, have avoided making resolutions that I won’t be able to keep, I chose the word vulnerability (because I struggle with this), and I’ve set out to do a few things on the blog and in my personal life that will assure that 2021 is a better year than 2020.

It was hard not to lose myself in the doldrums that were 2020. I, like many of the bloggers I follow, felt stuck, and therefore, I tended to wallow or just “not do.” But at the end of the year, My Husband and I decided to start seeing a sex therapist. Not a marriage counselor, but rather someone specifically trained to deal with issues of sexuality, namely alternative sexuality. This is the year that we are going to find our groove, I can feel it.

I’d call January “Chapter One,” and this chapter is namely about me getting ready for the “adventure.” Getting all my plans set up and started.

I’m finally seeing a hormone specialist today (it took a few months to get this appointment) — the idea is to find a “cocktail” of actions, supplements, and medications that will help me keep a more stable libido.

I’m also working on re-establishing my own submissive mindset, learning how to be a more active submissive (since that is what He needs/wants), reflecting, and setting myself up for success as the year progresses.

And my blogging plans are now all underway and out in the world. I’ve got a calendar, a schedule, and I’m doing my best to not only keep up my own established series, but also support those of others. (And my, might I say, there are an awful lot of memes out there to choose from these days? I had to create a checklist to organize them and keep track.)

I’ve seen that most of my favorite bloggers have done a similar thing. And now, we are ready to get out there and write…write our hearts out about our lives, our loves, our needs, desires, failures, hopes, dreams…

I look forward to seeing what we all do. Here’s to 2021.



  • Lisa Stone

    I am sure that this positive attitude and the necessary actions that you take will bring the expected results in your life and in your creative ideas that you can implement when blogging. Good luck!

    • Brigit Delaney

      I think vulnerability…and the ability to be vulnerable is a necessary part of being human and connected. It’s something I struggle with…opening up and offering the soft middle of myself. That, to me, is vulnerability. I think often, we see vulnerability as a weakness…or as a negative quality. But, after reading and listening to Brene Brown’s work with vulnerability, I am convinced it is a necessary thing for us to be truly connected with others.

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