Freshly Fucked

From our shadowy, mid-morning bedroom, He texts me a photo of His awakening cock…and the words, this needs to be in your pussy.

Of course I smile and immediately make my way to the bedroom, past our headphoned, oblivious teen – happily immersed in a video game and unlikely to hear my smothered moans and whimpers in the other room – my face buried in a pillow, or His chest, my fingers between clenched teeth – swallowing pleasureful sounds I wish I could set free. (How long has it been since I could scream?)

But this is the real world, and we have learned to adapt to our less than private circumstances.

I lock the door behind me, unclothe myself, and climb onto the bed, wrapping my lips around His uncircumcised cock. I like sucking the hood back over the head, and pushing it back down…slowly…my tongue rubbing against the underside, squeezing the extra sensitive tip.

He runs His hand through my hair, wrapping strands around His fingers, pushing and pulling to guide my rhythm.

But, He rarely lets me finish there.

It’s just a warm-up.

Rolling me over, His body slightly over me, larger, He kisses me. Not the I love you or have a good day types of kisses we share in public, but the I want you, I need you, I will eat you kisses that drum up the electricity from my core. His scratchy morning face rubs against my lips and chin and nose, reddening my cheeks and my throat.

His hands pull me close, and then spread my legs, and His fingers slip into my crevices and circle my clit, making my body move, my back arching. He kisses me while He plays my body like an harp, and I find it hard to concentrate on His lips. My tongue become clumsy, and I turn my face from His, exhaling, trying to maintain my silence. The difficulty only heightens the sensations.

He explore my insides, until I am so wet I’m afraid someone will hear the squelching of my cunt hungrily sucking His fingers. That’s when He knows it’s time.

Moving down the bed, He dives between my legs, propping them up with His hands, His hot mouth on my nethers, tongue against my swollen clit, sucking, licking until I am biting my own fingers, frothing, skin burning. The wetness drips. I can feel the slickness against the upper insides of my thighs, his scruffy face scratching the soft skin there.

I am about to cum.

Pulsing, clenching around His fingers.

He pulls away, rises above me, positions Himself, and slowly enters me. His cock is just the perfect size to rub against my g-spot with every thrust. He pushes my right leg up over His shoulder to open me further.

I tilt my pelvis upward to meet His movements, wrap my arms around Him, my nails digging into His back and bicep, exhaling against Him, my own hot breath coming back at me.

His muscles tighten, and His breath stops right before He cums, the warmth filling me.

As always, the satisfaction of His orgasm melts me, my skin tingling and my muscles relaxing even as my pussy tightens around Him…hungrily accepting everything He has to give.

It is a messy business. The wetness soaking the bed beneath me…our newly clean sheets now bearing a dark dampness.

I leave the bed, my brain wiped clean of its morning fogginess. Reset.

Our mingled cum drips down the insides of my thighs as I make my way to the bathroom. I expel His gift, clean myself with a towel, and brush my wild bed-hair, now damp from His wet face and hot breath. I can smell my own cunt in the strands as I untangle them.

I put my clothes back on and make my way back to the couch. I’ll go on with my housework, homework, and parenting…a better version of myself – freshly fucked.

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