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Today is the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, and the night that marks the return of the sun – in effect, tonight is the sun’s birthday…and that is certainly something to celebrate. (Of course, in the Pacific Northwest, our worst weather tends to come in January and February, but at least spring is in sight and 2020 – this fucking dumpster fire of a year – will be behind us.)

The majority of our Christian holiday traditions during this season are taken from the Pagan celebrations of Yule and the Solstice. And as I’m not a Christian, I do tend to prefer thinking of this season in terms of the Winter Solstice, as a time of rebirth and beginnings. We always put up a tree, and we decorate with Santas and elves and greenery. We watch holiday movies and enjoy cookies and presents and a big family dinner on Christmas day. In fact, I really love this time of year. But then, I have good memories attached to it, and I know that not everyone does.

My birthday is half-way between Solstice and Christmas, so the feeling of new beginnings is sort of compounded because of that, too – not to mention that New Year’s is right around the corner!

I’m off work at this time for Winter Break. It gives me a moment to get my house in order, rest, and rejuvenate. This break, I am writing and reading and doing yoga…reflecting and making plans for the new year. I’m not big on resolutions (I don’t like setting myself up for failure), but I like the energy that planning for the future can infuse me with. So I make goals in regards to health and writing and reading and relationships.

This year, as with those in the near past, my aim is simplicity and manageability. I’ve chosen my focus words (mindfulness, simplicity, connection, and vulnerability) and have chosen my theme/s for the blog (vulnerability/submission).

I’ve been working on the blog’s appearance over the past month, and even though I’m having email/subscription issues (which means interaction/comments are down), I feel I’ve been doing some pretty good writing, gearing up for this new year and the goals I have set for myself.

I plan to continue with the Erotic Journal Challenge. This year’s theme will be CELEBRATIONS, and I think it will be great fun to see what everyone comes up with! I’m retiring the Erotic Poetry Challenge for lack of interest (though I promise to do something fun for National Poetry Month in April). I am also adding an Erotic Book Club (one sexy book per month – the first is a novella titled The Naughty List) and a monthly feature called Toy Stories, where I will be writing a story involving a sex toy (it will be more fun than simply writing a review). I’ve done a poor job with my podcast this year, so I aim to upload at least one story each month to Brigit’s Erotic Bedtime Stories.

I’ll continue to work in some of my peers’ memes, as a way to connect and appreciate the work of others. Blogging is a social activity, and I’ve not done as well with that these past few months as I would have liked. Things got crazy in the world of sex-blogging, and I sort of intentionally backed away to stay out of it all. It seemed there was a push to pick sides, and I really wanted nothing to do with any of that. I will support those who have supported me, and I harbor no ill will against any who have not harmed me. I’ll continue to hold that belief and reap the consequences as must.

I’ll be reading more, resting more, hydrating more, doing more yoga, getting in more steps, drinking less, and writing as much as possible. It can be hard to do all of that when I’m going to school on top of my regular work, being a mom, and attempting to be a better submissive partner to my husband…but the goal is always some sort of give and take that creates a semblance of balance between want to and have to.

What goals have you set for yourself this year? If you’re a blogger/writer, do you have plans to try something new? Many of us write “goal” posts this time of year…feel free to link yours in the comments, so I can read what you plan to do in 2021!

Happy Winter Solstice!


  • minnie

    Oh my gosh! I did not know you were in the PNW. I am in the PNW! It is home to me.
    I’m glad you reminded me of the solstice. I so like to track my year with pagan days, and I’ve been off lately with life and stuff. So thank you for the reminder.
    I’m excited about your various erotic endeavors, and trying to figure out in what parts I can participate. 🙂

  • Mrs Fever

    I am so over this year; I’m glad this year is nearly over.

    I’m also over the PNW. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but if I did, “Get the he’ll away from here” would be at the top of the list.

    I set goals as they occur to me. To do so in a timed fashion just doesn’t fit with how I roll. So while I do typically reflect a bit this time of year, it’s more of a mulling-over of What Was than a springboard to What’s To Come.

    That said… I *am* contemplating a blog project around the idea of Inspirations. I’m just not certain when I will do it. And I will probably revisit my Reminiscences project in the summer; I really enjoyed every thing that came from that this year. 🙂

    I like Celebrations as an overarching theme; I’m glad you’re sticking with the Erotic Journal Challenge and I look forward to what comes from that project in 2021 celebratory writing.
    Mrs Fever recently posted…Feeling BlueMy Profile

    • Brigit Delaney

      While I can’t stand the gloomy, dark, winter weather here in the PNW, I do like where I live. But, I also am far enough away from the city to not be affected by the insanity that has been Seattle/Portland this year. Having also lived in Alaska and Colorado, I appreciate the lack of snow, and would rather put up with the rain any time. So, I guess there is some give and take. Ocean in the front, mountains in the back, and plenty of room in-between. It’s a pretty beautiful place to live in my small town.

      I look forward to everyone’s projects this year. It’s a great way for us to support each other and gain inspiration from each other.

        • Brigit Delaney

          Bainbridge Island is a beautiful place. I know some people who retired there some years back. You must be a Pacific Northwesterner, too?

  • David Mei

    My goals for next year are simple
    1) blog more. Try to write something a poem, or short story, or an essay of the day’s feelings.
    2) write a story with sex as an aside and not the main attraction- find a plot that doesn’t consummate with sexual climax.
    3) work to get back to the best shape I’ve been in since my 30’s. I was there before the lockdown. I can get there again.
    4) be a better partner.

    Those are more than I usually do. Thanks for the prompt!

    • Brigit Delaney

      Good goals. Mine often revolve around the same themes: creativity, wellness, and relationships (mind, body, and soul).

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