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What do you think about when you masturbate?

Quite honestly, there are only a few things that can and will go on in my brain during masturbation.

Because I know my body well, and because I normally masturbate with an end game in mind (orgasm = release, and release is usually the goal), I’m often simply just feeling rather than thinking, which means focusing all of my energy and consideration on the parts of my body that are feeling pleasure: nipples, clit, vagina, anus. I’m a pretty simple girl in that. And I don’t take long to cum when I’m in my own hands…usually less than 5 minutes. Sometimes less than 1.

But there are times when I slow down a bit and enjoy the process a little more. At those times I do one of two things…watch porn (my preferences on that will come in a later post), or think about my husband going down on me. If it’s the latter, I close my eyes and imagine the things he normally does with his tongue and fingers and call forth those bodily sensations.

Rarely, I watch myself in the mirror, usually close up, which makes it sort of look watching my own porn.

Touch is the sense that rules me the most, and when I’m lost in it, thought kind of drifts away. So it isn’t uncommon for me to just not think during sex or masturbation.

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