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Fantasies, Dreams, and Kink

We all have proclivities, preferences, and prejudices…things we are drawn to, things that make us turn away or even disgust us.

What do you tend to fantasize or dream about when it comes to sex? What kinds of porn or kink are you drawn to? What turns you off?

For me…


I fantasize about things that are romantic and passionate and that involve a lot of touching and kissing and creative foreplay. And, I’ll be honest, I’m usually at the center of my fantasies, receiving, rather than giving…having things done to me or for me.

For example, a fantasy of mine is to be bathed and rubbed and lotioned and fucked slowly and sensually while I’m blindfolded. I wouldn’t have a clue who was doing what, and that is part of the erotic appeal.


I don’t dream about sex much, but when I do, it usually involves people I’ve already fucked. The majority of the time, the focal point is my husband, probably because that is the knowledge and experience that is closest to me. I’m not a real “out of the box” thinker when it comes to sex, so it makes sense that even my subconscious mind would stay where it is most comfortable.

These dreams tend to happen when our sex life is on, and I often wake up raring to go with a little morning sex or masturbation.


I don’t watch porn very often. I’m turned off my the terrible acting and music, but I do occasionally watch amateur porn clips. When I do, I’m drawn to curvy, “chubby” women (likely because I see myself in them) and either M/F or F/F. A solo F masturbation scene can sometimes do the trick, too. Anal, PIV, or cunnilingus are my go to’s. And the only time I watch it is when I’m masturbating.


My kink is D/s…a bit of impact play, hair pulling, choking, sensory deprivation. But once again…I like things done to me. I’m not much of a giver or doer. And I’m starting to realize that this may be a bit problematic in my relationship. It’s impossible to be a good sub without being a giver. So it’s something I will have to work on in the coming days, weeks, months, and years. I like to be used, but he likes to be pleasured, as most any human would. And he deserves to be treated as well as I do, with all his kink buttons being pushed in just the right ways.

How about you? What are your preferences?

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  • Mrs Fever

    I find dreams to be strange things. I don’t have active fantasies (i.e., I do not consciously wish for specific sexual activities or conjure sexual fantasy images in my head when I masturbate), but sometimes I have sex(y) dreams that are like, “…Whaaa?…”

    I’ve had detailed dreams that involve famous people or monsters or kinks that I would not say “yes” to in the real world and woken up feeling quite hot and bothered. (Of course, I’ve also woken up in the middle of an orgasm and can’t remember anything at all about my dreams except something vague like “I’m pretty sure Santa Claus was in it,” so who’s to say if those things really thrill me on some level or if my body is just like, “Hey wake up!”?) I could write a whole post about those sorts of things. In fact, I’ve already written several.

    Porn… Yeah, no thanks.

    And the only kinks I have these days are the kind that put cricks in my neck.

    • Brigit Delaney

      I’ve had a few of those “weird” dreams, as well…that make me wonder what on earth I’m hiding inside of myself. Things that leave me wondering, “Is that really a turn on for me?”

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